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The scientific detector will be a mosaic of two thinned back illuminated CCD's covering an Area of 27X55 mm² with a pixel size of 13.5 Ám². In particular the SARG project ahead acquired one of the two chips and it is purchasing a second one (delivery expected for the end of November). The characterization of the EEV 4280 chip was made in the Catania Observatory Laboratory for Detectors Catania Observatory Laboratory for Detectors.

More particulars can be found in Scuderi et al. (PDF Size: 346 Kb; 5 Pages).

In March 2000 the CCD Mosaic was mounted and successfully tested in SARG Laboratory at Padova.

In Table 1 most of the CCD sensor characteristics are summarized while the measured QE of both the CCD are shown here.

Table 1: CCD Characteristics
CCD1 (EEV 42-80) CCD2(EEV 42-80)
Format 2048X4096 2048X4096
Pixel Size 13.5 Ám 13.5 Ám
Array Size 27.6X55.3 mm² 27.6X55.3 mm²
Type Thin Thin
QE @ 400 nm 0.94 0.94
QE @ 600 nm 0.85 0.85
QE @ 900 nm 0.30 0.30
Uniformity@ 400 nm 0.015 0.015
Uniformity@ 600 nm 0.022 0.022
Uniformity@ 900 nm 0.026 0.026
Linearity <0.03 <0.03
Dark Current 7 e-/pix/h TBD
Full Well Capacity 150,000 e- 150,000 e-
Dinamic Range
Sensitivity (Typical) 4ÁV/e- 4ÁV/e-
CTE 0.999998 TBD
Cosmic Rays

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