DOLORES and NICS shake hands

The above data represent one of the few and, we believe, best examples of a complete optical-infrared spectrum of a relatively faint astronomical source. This reddish object is coincident with an hard X-ray source serendipitously discovered by the Chandra satellite whose IR counterpart was believed to be an evolved elliptical at a redshift of about 1.2 (Crawford et al. astro-ph/0005242).
Our spectra unequivocally demonstrate that this object is indeed a type-2 QSO at z=0.568

The DOLORES spectrum is the result of 67 min integration with the grism LR-R through a slit of 1.5 arcsec.

The NICS observations consisted of 80 min on source integration, splitted into 8 groups of spectra with the object set at different positions along the 1.0" slit. The disperser is the Amici prism device, a unique feature of NICS which delivers a complete 0.9-2.4 Ám spectrum in a single shot with very high efficiency over the full wavelength range.

Data taken by R. Dominguez, J. Licandro, M. Pedani, G. Tessicini, A. Zacchei (TNG), A. Marconi and N. Nagar (Arcetri Observatory)