Fundación Galileo Galilei - INAF Telescopio Nazionale Galileo 28°45'14.4N 17°53'20.6W 2387.2m A.S.L.

TNG switches from support to introducing astronomer

Please note that, starting April 1st 2009, TNG astronomer support is only provided until 1:00 a.m. of the first night only of all visitor runs, as already reported in the new call for AOT20.

The rest of the nights of each observing run in visitor mode will be carried out by the visiting astronomer, either the PI of the program or an expert enough observer sent by the PI.

A series of manual is provided and the help of the telescope operator will be assured for all the run. Also, during daytime, the visiting astronomer will be able to call a reference TNG astronomer in charge.