TNG and the University of Florence
AOT 46 Call for Proposals. Deadline May 27th, 2022
A Rapid Response System Experiment performed at TNG within NEOROCKS project
HARPS-N contributes with CHEOPS and TESS to investigate the internal structure of the TOI-561 multiplanet system
The secret of Venus may be hidden in the heat of the night
First light for SIFAP4XP
The central engine of the highest redshift blazar
AOT45/2022A Schedule and Allocations available online
The OPTICON call for TransNational Access in Semester 2022B is OPEN and will close on 28th February 2022
5% International Time Programme is open, deadline 28-02-2022
CalendarStars 2022


HARPS-N spectroscopy of the comet C/2020 F3 (NEOWISE)
Study reveals that giant planets could reach "maturity" much earlier than previously thought
Pisces VII/Triangulum III: a new dwarf galaxy of the Local Group and possible satellite of Messier 33 confirmed by DOLoRes@TNG
AOT 45 Call for Proposals. Deadline Tuesday November 30th, 2021
TNG stops observations from November 4th for 4 weeks
TNG 25 | Racconti fuori campo
25 Years of Astronomy in La Palma
Meteo data availability
AOT44/2021B Schedule and Allocations available online
Putting in order the stellar and accretion properties of young stars with TNG-GIARPS
The OPTICON call for TransNational Access in Semester 2022A is OPEN and will close on 31st August 2021
FGG is hiring! Call for a position in the Information Technology group
Stellar Population Astrophysics (SPA) with TNG. Atmospheric parameters of members of 16 unstudied open clusters
Telescopio Nazionale Galileo: 25 years of Astronomy in La Palma
HARPS-N revealed the atmospheric dynamics of KELT-20b
HADES RV Programme with HARPS-N at TNG: A sub-Neptune around the M dwarf GJ 720 A
AOT44 Call for Proposal. Deadline 24.05.2021
An exoplanet's migration history written in the chemical fingerprints of its atmosphere
Three elder suns with planets
First results from the C-MetaLL project: unveiling the nature of two first-crossing Classical Cepheids
AOT43/2021A Schedule and Allocations available online
Optical and ultraviolet pulsed emission from an accreting millisecond pulsar
Two backward orbiting exoplanets in a triple stellar system prove protoplanetary disk-tilt mechanism
The OPTICON call for Transnational Access in Semester 2021B is OPEN and will close on 1 March 2021
5% International Time Programme is open, deadline 28-02-2021
TNG Calendar 2021 - 25 years of astronomy


An unusually low density ultra-short period super-Earth and three mini Neptunes around the old star TOI-561
Stellar population astrophysics (SPA) with the TNG. The Arcturus Lab
AOT43 Call for Proposal. Deadline 25.11.2020
Stellar Population Astrophysics with TNG: The old open clusters Collinder 350, Gulliver 51, NGC 7044, Ruprecht 171
Prof. Nicolò D’Amico (1953-2020)
Allocations and schedule for semester AOT42/2020B are online
GIARPS links for the first time atomic and molecular winds in proto-planetary disks
The OPTICON call for Transnational Access in Semester 2021A is OPEN and will close on 31 August 2020
Should this be the skyline at an astronomical site?
An eccentric Neptune-mass planet near the inner edge of the BD-11 4672 habitable zone
The GIARPS view of the extended helium atmosphere of HD189733 b
The TNG contributes to the characterization of 200 new SZ clusters of galaxies
Watching for the next solar cycle with the HARPS-N solar telescope
AOT42 Call for Proposal. Deadline 01.06.2020
TNG resumes observations
How students at TNG helped in searching for the Brightest Cosmic Beacons in the Southern Hemisphere
Observations at the TNG are suspended (update April 9th, 2020)
Observations at the TNG are suspended until April 11th, 2020
Star-exoplanet interaction detected at radio frequencies
AOT41/2020A Schedule available online
AOT41/2020A Allocations available online
The OPTICON call for Transnational Access in Semester 2020B is OPEN
HD 80653 b: an ultra-short period rocky super-Earth orbiting a solar type star
5% International Time programme is open, deadline 29-02-2020


Exoworlds: the final name for HD 102195
Calendar 2020 ready!
Mercury Transit 2019 Live
GIARPS unravels the jet acceleration zone in young low-mass stars
AOT41 Call for Proposal. Deadline 18.11.2019
First firm Doppler confirmation and mass determination of a young hot Neptune
GIANO-B spectroscopy of red supergiants in the Scutum complex
Nobel Prize for Physics 2019: James Peebles, Michel Mayor, Didier Queloz
The new "Atmospheric Rossiter-McLaughlin effect" discovered with HARPS-N
AOT40/19B Schedule available online
Telescopio Nazionale Galileo discovers a millisecond pulsar that beats in unison at optical and X-ray energies
A young astronomer at the TNG for the "Alternanza scuola - lavoro" project
The OPTICON call for Transnational Access in Semester 2020A is OPEN and will close on 25 August 2019
AOT40/2019B Allocations available online
NameExoWorlds: give a name to one exoplanet
Atmospheric characterisation of the ultra hot Jupiter MASCARA-2b/KELT-20b
Giano detects methane for the first time in the atmosphere of a hot Jupiter
AOT40 TNG REM Call for Proposal. Deadline 20.05.2019
Favio Bortoletto, former TNG Director, passed away
AOT39/19A Schedule available online
The OPTICON call for Transnational Access in Semester 2019B is OPEN and will close on 28 February 2019
Allocations AOT39/2019A available online
A giant impact as the likely origin of different twins in the Kepler-107 exoplanetary system
5% International Time programme is open, deadline 28-02-2019
Harps-N Contributes to the discovery of a Super-Earth in the habitable zone of a red dwarf


NICS contribute to solve the puzzle of the super-rotation of Venus's atmosphere
CalendarStars 2019 ready!
First light for SiFAP2 at the TNG
HARPS-N contributes to discover a super-Earth orbiting Barnard's Star
Gravitational wave events at TNG (updated to November 15th, 2018)
DOLoRes@TNG confirms the extragalactic nature of Donatiello I
AOT39 TNG REM Call for proposal. Deadline 23.11.2018
HARPS-N data help to derive chemical composition of the oldest nearby open cluster Ruprecht 147
Gravitational wave events at TNG
New DOLoRes@TNG data confirm the anomalous nature of the radio halo hosted by a relaxed galaxy cluster
A bunch of exoplanets characterized with data from HARPS-N at TNG
GIARPS kills a hot-jupiter
AOT38/18B Schedule and allocations available online
The TNG and the confirmation of quantum entanglement using photons from distant astronomical objects
Iron and titanium in the atmosphere of Kelt-9b
The OPTICON call for Transnational Access in Semester 2019A is OPEN
AOT38 TNG REM Call for Proposal. Deadline 18.05.2018
K2-3: A system of three likely sub-Neptunes
AOT37/18A Schedule is available online
Rossiter-McLaughlin effect measured in more different transiting planetary systems
The OPTICON call for Transnational Access in Semester 2018B is OPEN
GIANO measures water in the atmosphere of the exoplanet HD 189733b
Allocations AOT37/2018A available online
5% International Time programme is open, deadline 28-02-2018
K2-141b: An ultra-short period rocky super-Earth


K2-106B: a Heavy Metal Planet
Orbital mayhem around a red dwarf
CalendarStars 2018 ready!
Ennio Poretti appointed as new Director of TNG and FGG
New version of the AOT37 proposal forms
AOT37 TNG REM Call for Proposal. Deadline 17.11.2017
Pulses of visible light from a millisecond pulsar
AOT36/18A Schedule and allocations available online
The OPTICON call for Transnational Access in Semester 2018A is open
Job Announcement - FGG Director
HARPS-N and GIANO measurements allow to identify a low mass companion around the star TYC 4282-605-1
Drawing competition: The Telescopio Nazionale Galileo and children
Large/Long programs at TNG for next open time call
A new Super-Earth discovered near the habitable zone of a cool star
AOT 36 TNG REM Call for Proposal. Deadline 19.05.2017
GIARPS: the high resolution at TNG goes infrared
News from the closest transiting system just 6.5 parsecs away
AOT35/2017A Schedule and allocations available online
OPTICON call for proposals (2017B) open
Unique TNG/HARPSN observations of the Venus cloud top winds
5% International Time programme is open, deadline 28-02-2017


CalendarStars 2017 is ready!
AOT35 (2017A) Call for proposals. Deadline 30.11.2016
GIARPS is stepping in
OPTICON call for proposals (2017A) open
AOT34/16B Schedule and allocations available online
AOT34 (2016B) Call for proposals. Deadline 16.05.2016
TNG special infrared nights
Eduroam availability
Software engineer open position
Opticon call for proposal 2016B open
The first multi-planet system in an open cluster
AOT33/16A Schedule and allocations available online
TNG Calendarstar 2016 has an app also for iOS.
5% International Time (ITP)
LaserComb Scientist open position


CalendarStars 2016 is ready!
AOT33 Call for proposal
HARPS-N@TNG: Not only a superb exoplanet finder, but also an effective comet catcher!
OPTICON call for proposals 2016A is Open. Deadline 31 August 2015
Harps-N discovers a rocky planet
AOT32/15A Schedule and allocations available online
TNG, HARPS-N and Astro Comb ready to characterize the first earth twin
Olimpiadi Italiane di Astronomia (Italian Astronomy Olympiad) and TNG
AstrArte: Astronomy and Art together
Call for a position as Laboratory Technician
TNG together with a group of students celebrate the week of Astronomy
AOT32 Call for proposals
LBT italian call for proposal 2015-2016
A Picture From Space
LaserComb Scientist position open at FGG. Deadline 19/04/2015
New TNG data show evidence of a variable amount of water ice on the surface of Ceres
LaserComb Scientist position open at FGG. Deadline 15/03/2015
TrES-4b a very light weight exo-planet
Call for Proposals to be supported via the OPTICON Trans-National Access programme in semester 2015B
AOT31/15A Schedule and allocations available online
2015-2016 NIGHT-TIME CCI International Time Programme
HARPS-N helps to determine the mass of Kepler-93b


Announcing myTNG, the TNG iOS app
Kepler's comeback. HARPS-N characterizes the first K2 planet
CalendarStars 2015 is ready!
New INAF-TAC composition
AOT31 Call for proposals
A new instrument at TNG: GIANO, the high resolution infrared spectrograph
Characterization of four new transiting planets
Kepler-101: a reversed planetary system observed with HARPS-N
AOT30/14B Schedule and allocations available online
OPTICON call for proposals 2015A is open
Two planetary systems in a binary star
Follow us on Twitter
Open position as telescope operator
Harps-N at TNG finds the first Megaearth
LBT italian call for proposal 2014-2015
AOT30 Call for proposals
AOT29/14A Schedule available online
The OPTICON Trans-National Access 2014B Call for Proposal is now open
Allocations AOT29/2014A are available online
Proceedings of Brown Dwarfs come of Age


TNG CalendarStars 2014
An Earth-like planet characterized by HARPS-N at the TNG
TNG-NOT Joint Call for Proposals, 2014A
AOT29 Call for proposals
Schedule and allocation period AOT28+2013B
The OPTICON Trans-National Access 2014A Call for Proposals is now open
Observations of asteroid 2012 DA14
Detection of two extrasolar planets with the Kepler, SOPHIE and HARPS-N instruments
Two fellowships to work with GAPS exoplanets
Fellowship for education on exoplanets
Etaearth: open position
First results from GAPS
TNG-NOT Joint Call for Proposals, 2013B
AOT28 Call for proposal
The TNG observations of 2012 DA14
OPTICON Trans-National Access 2013B Call for proposals open
A green laser astro-comb for Harps-N
ITP 2013-2014 Call for Proposal is open. Deadline 28-feb-2013.
SARG spectrograph retirement
AOT27/13A Schedule available online


Allocations AOT27/2013A are available online
Brown Dwarfs come of Age
TNG CalendarStars 2013
A serendipitous discovery of a new double star at the TNG
The new INAF-TAC members
AOT27 Deadline has been postponed
AOT27 Call for proposal
SARG spectrograph will not be offered any more
OPTICON Call for Proposals for semester 2013A is open
First technical light for Giano at TNG
AOT26/12B Schedule available online
Allocations AOT26/12B are available online
New image Gallery and Facebook page for TNG
HarpsN guide lines for oberving time 2012B, AOT26
Extended deadline for LBT proposal submission
HARPS-N inauguration at TNG
Harps-N first light
AOT26 Call for proposal
Extended deadline for CCI International Time
CCI 5% International Time - Night time - The next call is now open and will close on February 29, 2012
Call for Proposals to be supported via the OPTICON Trans-National Access programme in semester 2012B


Time Allocations and Schedule AOT25/2012A are available on line
New 2012 TNG Calendar!
TNG normal operation mode
Maintenance information
LBT Italian Call for proposals 2012A open
AOT25 Call for proposals
TNG stops observation during September 2011
Fellowship for HARPS-N GTO and commissioning at TNG
TNG discovers a giant planet in the triple system HD132563
Time Allocations and Schedule AOT24/2011B are available on line
The TNG and the "Olimpiadi italiane di astronomia"
LBT ITalian Call for proposals 2011B open
Harps-N Science Team
AOT24 Call for proposals
Harps-N puts TNG in pole position for exoplanets searching
OPTICON 2011B is open for proposals
ITP 2011B is open for proposals
Time Allocations and Schedule AOT23/2011A are available on line


New 2011 TNG Calendar!
OPTICON 2011A is open for proposals
Time Allocations and Schedule AOT22/2010B are available on line
Avventura al Roque de los Muchachos per i vincitori delle Olimpiadi Italiane di Astronomia
LBT 2010B call open
AOT22 call opened
New program for visiting instruments
No more cash advance
OPTICON kicks off its new single Time Allocation Committee. TNG participates in the common observational time
AOT21/10A Schedule available online
SARG@TNG data contribute to the discovery of the youngest candidate exoplanet ever observed
Call for International Observing Time on the Canary Islands
TNG technical stop


The New Control Room
New D&D@T webpage online
Allocations AOT21/10A avalible online
TNG 2010, a calendar from La Palma
The golden year of GRB@TNG: the intriguing case of GRB 090426
"¡Mira qué luna!" exhibit
The farthest GRB ever observed in Nature
Software engineer position closed
Correction on AOT21 proposal style file
A new Galactic globular cluster identified
Un Sorteo Estelar
New Head of Administration
New ToO policy (and guidelines for observers)
Telescope Operator position closed
AOT20/09B Schedule available on line
SARG-TNG contributes to the follow-up observations of the hottest extrasolar planet yet discovered
TNG data help to discover a new class of very dim Supernovae
TNG switches from support to introducing astronomer
Tng caught the farthest GRB observed ever
Changes in Time Allocation Committee
Open Position as software engineer
Open Position as telescope operator
TNG offers GELATO, a Supernova spectra comparison tool
Open position as Head of administration
New ToO Policy (please read)
Data access policy document
AOT19/09A Schedule available on line


TNG becomes a research facility of the INAF Research Structure
Change in the direction of Fundacion Galileo Galilei - INAF
SARG-TNG spectra play a key role in the discovery of naphtalene in the interstellar space
SARG-TNG data contribute to unveil the origin of the diffuse interstellar bands
NICS-TNG data contribute to the analysis of an unusual atmospheric perturbation on Jupiter


The new headquarters of the Fundacion Galileo Galilei - INAF officially inaugurated
Impressive near-IR images of Uranus and Jupiter by means of the adaptive optics system of the Telescopio Nazionale Galileo, AdOpt@TNG
DOLoRes-TNG data contribute to the discovery of a giant planet which survived to the expansion of its home star
His Royal Highness the Prince of Asturias visits the Telescopio Nazionale Galileo
Dust particle counter on line
Do.Lo.Res successfully refurbished
SARG-TNG high resolution spectra help reconstructing the star formation history of the halo of our Galaxy


Backup Loral CCD installed in Dolores
TNG images unveil giant filament structures in a galaxy cluster
New array control electronics installed in NICS
TNG and WHT Observations Prove that the Large Trans-Neptunian Object 2005 FY9 is Very Similar to Pluto


New Volume Phase Holographic Grisms installed on DOLORES
Deep Impact at the TNG: recording of the event from ground-based telescope in the ORM.
The TNG Automatic Weather Station. A preliminary analysis of the archive data.
IAC-TNG Workshop on "Ultra Low Mass Star Formation and Evolution"


Infrared prism objective available at TNG
Costituita la Fondazione Galileo Galilei-INAF (press-release at the INAF web site, in Italian)
TNG-SARG confirms the 21 minutes oscillations of Procyon
New optical filters at TNG


TNG casts new light on star formation and chemical evolution at high redshifts (z>6)
NICS succesfully refurbished


An Exo-Solar planet candidate discovered by an Italian Group
A pipeline for IR imaging data at TNG
The First Diffraction Limited Images From TNG with the Pyramid Wavefront Sensor
IR spectropolarimetry of SN2002ap with NICS-TNG (with data publicly available)
SARG/DOLORES Quick-switch Successfully Tested at TNG


The VPH Grism installed on Dolores@TNG
First Time Ever use of a Pyramid Wavefront Sensor to Close on Sky the High Orders Adaptive Optics Loop
Jupiter observing by OIG
NICS-TNG Obtain the first infrared spectra of trans-neptunian objects ever done with a 4m class telescope.
DOLORES and NICS shake hands


Typical MOS Flat
M.O.S. first light
M.O.S. - Objects on the slits
Open Cluster Be 17 - M.O.S. Pre-Imaging
NGC1073a observing by NICS
NGC2023 observing by NICS
M51 observing by DOLoRes
M15 observing by NICS
M27 observing by DOLoRes
NGC 6946 observing by DOLoRes
Tau Boo observing by SARG
P Cyg observing by SARG
DOLoRes first light
SN1999cl observing by DOLORES
SN1999cl in NGC 4501
NGC 40 observing by OIG
M57 observing by OIG


AdOpt@TNG first light


Butterfly Nebula (NGC 2346)
NGC 2903 observing by OIG
Jupiter at TNG
Epsylon-Lyrae 1 binary system

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