Fundación Galileo Galilei - INAF Telescopio Nazionale Galileo 28°45'14.4N 17°53'20.6W 2387.2m A.S.L.

TNG Schedule - October 1, 2023 - March 31, 2024

Listed below are the TNG nights scheduled in the semester AOT48/2023B. The allocations for the same period can be found here. Dates indicate the start of night. Visiting observers are requested to read the instructions given here. In case of doubt, please contact our Astronomy Helpdesk.

Other information, hints and warnings useful to prepare the observing run can be found here. Please note that special instructions and time constraints apply to programmes requiring multi-object spectroscopy (DOLORES+MOS), see the dedicated web page.

In case of problems with the scheduling of your programme, please notify the Head of Astronomy as soon as possible.

Note 1: The execution of the observations related to the proposal A47TAC_44, “Follow-up of electromagnetic counterparts of gravitational wave sources at TNG during O4”, may have a significant impact on the scheduled programmes.

Note 2: The monitoring of exoplanetary systems across the semester requires time-sharing agreements among the approved programmes. Taking into account this need, two main groups have been identified:

  • New GAPS Time. It collects the observing time awarded to the following programmes: A48TAC_66 Sozzetti, A48TAC_48 Benatti, A48TAC_52 Borsa, A48TAC_15 Mantovan, A48TAC_51 Guilluy, and A48TAC_61 Mantovan.
  • HARPS-N Collaboration Time. It collects the time awarded to the following programmes: A48TAC_59 Malavolta, A48TAC_28 Dumusque, A48TAC_33 Aloisi/Mantovan, A48TAC_34 Vissapragada, A47TAC_45 Serrano, ITP23_10 Luque, and OPT23B_50 Osborn.

Visitor or Service Mode

Programme and PI Instrument Mode Scheduled nights
CAT23B_91 Miles Paez GIANO V Oct 1-2
CAT23B_S (IAC Service) V Oct 3, Nov 24, Jan 8, Feb 19
A48TAC_18 Leone HARPS-N S Oct 4 (2h), Oct 22 (2h), Dec 22 (2 h), Mar 21 (2.2 h)
A48TAC_41 Giarrusso DOLORES+PAOLO S Oct 4 (6h)
New GAPS Time HARPS-N/GIARPS V/S Oct 5-7, Oct 9, Oct 11-12, Oct 16, Oct 19-21, Oct 28, Nov 3, Nov 7, Nov 15, Dec 1-2, Dec 5, Dec 8-9, Dec 14-16, Dec 26-27, Jan 4, Jan 13-14, Jan 21-22, Feb 1, Feb 20-23, Mar 6, Mar 22-24
HARPS-N Collaboration Time HARPS-N V Oct 8, Oct 10, Oct 17-18, Oct 25-27, Nov 4-6, Nov 27-30, Dec 6-7, Dec 17, Dec 28-31, Jan 1, Jan 5-7, Jan 15-17, Jan 23-25, Jan 28-31, Feb 2-3, Feb 8-11, Feb 24-28, Mar 25-28
A47TAC_37 Valerin DOLORES S Oct 13, Oct 22, Nov 16, Dec 3, Dec 18, Jan 2, Jan 18, Feb 6, Feb 29, Mar 16 (3h slots)
A48TAC_13 Ieva DOLORES/NICS S Oct 14, Dec 13, Mar 9 (3.1h slots)
OPT23B_29 Smith HARPS-N S Oct 15 (6.25h)
CAT23B_60 Esparza Borges GIARPS V Oct 23, Dec 4
A48TAC_54 Ripepi GIANO/GIARPS S Oct 24, Nov 8, Nov 26
CAT23A_42 Maiz Apellaniz GIARPS V Oct 29-31, Nov 1-2
A48TAC_30 Guarneri DOLORES S Nov 9, Jan 12, Mar 19
CAT23B_45 Orell Miquel GIARPS V Nov 10, Dec 25, Feb 4, Feb 18, Mar 30
A48TAC_58 Papitto SIFAP2 S Nov 11
A48TAC_67 Scialpi DOLORES V Nov 12-14, Mar 17-18
A48TAC_10 Imbrogno SIFAP2 V Nov 16-17 (1st hf)
CAT23B_3 Marquez Perez DOLORES+MOS V Nov 18-20
A48TAC_3 Giannini DOLORES/NICS S Nov 21, Nov 22 (2nd hf), Dec 10-11
CAT23B_113 Murgas Alcaino HARPS-N V Nov 23 (2nd hf), Mar 15 (1st hf)
CAT23B_74 Carleo HARPS-N V Nov 25, Jan 3, Jan 27, Feb 15, Mar 31
OPT23B_34 Attia GIARPS S Dec 12 (4h), Jan 2 (3h), Feb 7 (3.5h), Mar 7 (5h), Mar 10 (3.5h)
A48TAC_38 Mazzotta Epifani DOLORES V Dec 19-20 (6h slots)
CAT23B_110 Herrero Cisneros GIARPS V Dec 21, Jan 9
A48TAC_40 Pacciani SIFAP2 S Dec 22 (3h)
A48TAC_17 Migliorini NICS V Dec 23-24
A48TAC_25 Casella SIFAP2 V Jan 10-11 (6h slots)
A48TAC_32 Biagini HARPS-N S Jan 18-20 (1.1h slots)
A48TAC_55 Israel SIFAP2 S Jan 19 (4h)
CAT23B_38 Carleo HARPS-N V Jan 26
A48TAC_27 Lusso DOLORES/NICS V Feb 12-14
OPT23B_39 Kyritsis DOLORES V Feb 16-17
A48TAC_5 Cambianica DOLORES S Feb 29, Mar 14, Mar 29 (1.5h slots)
A48TAC_16 Vignali DOLORES V Mar 1-4
OPT23B_17 Rousselot HARPS-N S Mar 5, Mar 11, Mar 16, Mar 20 (2.5h slots)
CAT23B_11 Alvarez Crespo DOLORES V Mar 8
A48TAC_21 Illiano SIFAP2 V Mar 12, Mar 13 (6h)


Programme and PI ToO Time (hours)
A47TAC_42 Melandri 17.5
A47TAC_44 D'Avanzo 28
A48TAC_4 Giannini 14.5
A48TAC_8 Campana 7
A48TAC_19 Della Valle 7
A48TAC_20 Izzo 7
A48TAC_22 Illiano 4.5
A48TAC_26 Casella 2.5
A48TAC_39 Ricci 12
OPT23B_18 Taubenberger 7
OPT23B_26 Franckowiak 3