OPTICON kicks off its new single Time Allocation Committee. TNG participates in the common observational time

Call for Proposals to be supported via the OPTICON Trans-National Access programme in semester 2010B

Within the OPTICON contract under FP7, its Trans-National Access programme will move towards even greater integration and coordination of the participating telescopes. As part of this move, the funding for the programme will be pooled, and the proposals for OPTICON time at all the telescopes will be reviewed together by a single international Time Allocation Committee (TAC) to ensure network-wide competition and uniform review criteria.

The call for observing time at night time telescopes supported by the OPTICON Trans-National Access is now open with a deadline of 1200 UT on 1 March 2010. The semester runs between 1 Sep 2010 and 28 Feb 2011.

Please note:
Proposals must meet certain EU and OPTICON rules for formal eligibility concerning team membership. Broadly speaking, the PI and at least half of the Co-I’s must be working at Institutions outside the country/ies which own the telescope. Please also note the prohibition on projects which could be applied for by the PI using the national mechanisms open to them.

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