The observations at the TNG were suspended on March 24th to make effective the restrictive measures for the safety of the TNG personel against the Covid-19 diffusion. Later on, IAC closed the whole Observatorio de los Muchachos on March 30th to accomplish the new stricter provisions issued by the Spanish Government. La Palma remained completely isolated, with just a handful flights from/to other Canarian islands only. The epidemic was then controlled. The ORM reopened on April 13th, when the above provisions were removed.

Instead of immediately reopening TNG, we spent 10 days to implement the safety protocol we had prepared, putting in place several new internal measures to safeguard the FGG personel. We suppose that these measures will accompany our work for a long time, since we must beware of the virus.

After the protocol implementation, we resumed regular observations past Friday, April 24th.

We are planning to continue with just a few adjustments of the schedule in order to recover the time lost and to complete suspended programs, when possible.

Due to the difficulties in reaching the island and the implemented protocol, the observations are continuing in service mode only. Visitor runs will be re-admitted when conditions permit.

To check the status of TNG observations, visit our web pages regularly.