OPTICON Call for Proposals for semester 2013A is open

Deadline exactly 12:00 UT on 2nd September 2012

Call for Proposals to be supported via the OPTICON Trans-National Access programme in semester 2013A.

With the new OPTICON contract expected to run until 2016, its Trans-National Access programme continues towards integration and coordination of the participating telescopes. As part of this move, the funding for the programme has been pooled, and the proposals for OPTICON time at all the telescopes are being reviewed together by a single international Time Allocation Committee (TAC) to ensure network-wide competition and uniform review criteria.

The call for observing time at night time telescopes supported by the OPTICON Trans-National Access will close at exactly 1200 UT on 2nd September 2012 and no requests for late submissions will be accepted. The semester is centred on February 2013 to July 2013, but there are small variations at some telescopes to accommodate their normal semesters and maximise scheduling flexibility.

Please refer to OPTICON webpage.