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Harps-N Science Team

INAF headquarters, after evaluation of the candidates, has chosen the three names for the Italian participation in the Harps-N Science Team. The colleagues are Giampaolo Piotto (Padova), Giusi Micela (Palermo) and Alessandro Sozzetto (Torino). They will be the nucleus of the Italian collaborators who will work in the Guaranteed Time, with the main goal of performing the critical radial-velocity follow-up of transiting-planet candidates identified by NASA's Kepler mission, and to monitor bright quiet stars to find possibly rocky planets in the habitable zone.

We extract from the Consortium Agreement: "The tasks of the Scientific Team are:
  • Follow new scientific developments in the fields of interest in order to adjust the scientific goals and targets of the GTO program as the project evolves
  • Prepare and carry out the GTO Scientific Program
  • Prepare for potential follow-up programs
  • Carry out observations
  • Collect, reduce and analyze the scientific data issued from the GTO program
  • Write publications related to the GTO program

All the Italian astronomers who are interested in participating to this project, or plan to use Harps-N in the future, may contact:
or, at the TNG:

Emilio Molinari, Executive Board Co-PI