Fundación Galileo Galilei - INAF Telescopio Nazionale Galileo 28°45'14.4N 17°53'20.6W 2387.2m A.S.L.

GIARPS is stepping in

GIARPS is the next TNG instrument, which will merge the two high resolution spectrographs GIANO and HARPS-N.
We will be able to observe in one shot from 385 to 2450 nanometers, allowing unrivalled observations of exoplanet host stars as well as others objects.

During the Summer months the mechanical support has been installeld at TNG in Nasmyth B room and at the beginning of September the preslit optics has been integrated and aligned.
Also, the autoguider system which relies on a controlled tip tilt mirror, has now been installed and fine tuned to allow the required observing modes: the control loop was completely closed for the Giano only and Giano+HarpsN (GIARPS) configurations.

In the pictures the happy moments of the technical first light during the successful commissioning of the preslit and autoguider, together with a monitor image showing the light of Sirius on the autoguide camera.


Present at commissioning (left to right): A.Ghedina, N.Hernandez, I.Carleo, S.Benatti, R.Claudi, F.Ghinassi, J.Guerra, H.Stoev and A.Baruffolo with the further participation of G.Falcini, A.Garcia, M.Gonzalez, A.Harutyunyan, C.Riverol, L.Riverol, M. Sozzi, and A.Tozzi (Credit: A.Ghedina)

First Light

First light (Credit: A.Ghedina)


Present at commissioning (left to right): I.Carleo, R.Claudi, A.Tozzi, A.Ghedina, G.Falcini, J.Guerra, S.Benatti, A.Garcia and N.Hernandez with the further participation of F.Ghinassi, H.Stoev, A.Baruffolo, M.Gonzalez, A.Harutyunyan, C.Riverol, L.Riverol and M. Sozzi (Credit: A.Ghedina)