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TNG Allocations - Period AOT21/10A

Below are listed the TNG time allocations for period AOT21/2010. The INAF-TAC approved proposals are sorted according to their scientific merit grades (descending order). Please see the AOT21/2010A schedule for more details.


Programme PI Title Instrument Allocation
TAC_17 S. Benetti The TNG Program on Supernova Nucleosynthesis Yields DOLoRes/NICS 110 LT
TAC_8 A.F. Lanza Chromospheric activity of τ Bootis: a test case for models of star-planet magnetic interaction SARG 25 A++
TAC_1 E. Pancino Ground based observations for Gaia: spectrophotometric standards for absolute flux calibration DOLoRes 63 A++
TAC_38 S. Piranomonte Completing optical follow-up of candidate blazars detected by the Fermi Gamma-Ray Space Telescope DOLoRes 30 A
TAC_7 A. Bragaglia Integrated spectroscopy of representative open clusters from the BOCCE sample DOLoRes 14 A
TAC_62 S. di Serego Alighieri The Relationship between the Warm and Cold Phases of the Interstellar Medium in Early-Type Galaxies DOLoRes 35 A
TAC_6 A. Cappi Magnified Weak Lensing Tomography With Massive Rich Clusters of Galaxies NICS 43 A
TAC_14 F. Mannucci Towards the mass-metallicity and mass-SFR relations at z=3 NICS 74 A
TAC_10 Alessandro Rossi Source regions of carbonaceous chondrite meteorites NICS 27 A
TAC_51 P. Marziani Structural and Dynamical Evolution of Quasars: Constraining Accretion Disk Winds in Radio-Loud Quasars DOLoRes 21 B
TAC_59 E.T. Whelan On the Nature of Herbig Ae/Be stars: The First Detailed Diagnostic Study of Outflow and Accretion Activity SARG 9 B
TAC_68 A. Del Moro Black Holes and revelations: the extreme f X /f o population (EXOs) DOLoRes 19.5 B
TAC_21 B. Trakhtenbrot Black-hole Mass and Growth Rate at High Redshift NICS 10 B
TAC_53 L. A. Antonelli Gamma-Ray Bursts Afterglows: Extreme Physics and Cosmological Probes. DOLoRes/NICS 16 B
TAC_67 D. Gandolfi Testing stellar models with SARG: radial velocity follow-ups of CoRoT eclipsing binaries SARG 36 B
TAC_64 A. Caccianiga Cosmological evolution and astrophysics of nearby radio-loud AGN. DOLoRes 9 B
TAC_23 Andrea Rossi The host galaxies of Dark GRBs - a window into the dusty and high-z universe DOLoRes/NICS 31 B
TAC_50 F. Gastaldello Dynamics of the strong lensing cluster A1703 DOLoRes+MOS 23 B
TAC_56 E. Dotto Photometry of TNOs and Centaurs in support of a Key Program at the HerschelSpace Telescope DOLoRes 36 B
TAC_19 M. C. De Sanctis Characterization of V-type asteroid in support of DAWN mission. DOLoRes/NICS 55 B
TAC_57 G. P. Tozzi Are the main belt comets, comets? DOLoRes 27 B
TAC_9 S. Turriziani An ensemble study of the X-ray variability of AGNs: Optical Spectroscopy DOLoRes 30 B
TAC_3 W. Boschin Cluster--like radio emission in poor galaxy environments: the case of the diffuse radio source 0809+39 DOLoRes+MOS 20 B
TAC_54 E. Iodice Chemical abundances of PRG UGC7576 and UGC9796: implicationsfor the cold accretion by cosmic filaments DOLoRes 18 B



Spanish CAT

Programme PI Title Instrument Allocation
CAT_3 E. Pallé Bagó High resolution spectroscopy of the Earthshine and the solar system planets SARG 3
CAT_5 J. de León Cruz Asteroid Pallas as the origin of near-Earth asteroid Phaethon and the Geminid meteor shower NICS 2
CAT_7 R. Barrena Delgado Internal dynamics and the origin of the extended diffuse radio emission in Abell 1351 DOLoRes+MOS 1
CAT_23 J. M. Torrejón Vázquez Caracterización de nuevas fuentes INTEGRAL NICS 2
CAT_39 J. Licandro Goldaracena Infrared Study of Primitive Asteroid Families NICS 2
CAT_76 Ane Garcés Age-evolution of the high-energy emissions of low-mass stars SARG 4
CAT_93 E. Herrero Casas M-type stars as exoplanet hosts: spectroscopic properties of nearby targets SARG 4
CAT_110 O. Vaduvescu ABCs of BCDs: Abell 779 and Abell 1367 clusters NICS 4
CAT_132 S. Mateos Ibañez The XMM-Newton view of the hardest X-ray sky DOLoRes 2
CAT_169 J. M. Gorosabel Urkia Observing GRBs, the most energetic and distant objects of the Universe DOLoRes/NICS 2
CAT_193 E. Toloba Jurado Stellar mass, content and kinematics of cluster early-type dwarfs NICS 4




Programme PI Title Instrument Allocation
ITP09_1 J.A. López Aguerri The Origin and Evolution of Fossil Galaxy Group DOLoRes+MOS 6
ITP09_2 A. Shearer Search for the Optical Counterparts of Fermi Discovered Pulsars DOLoRes 1