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TNG Allocations - Period AOT22/2010B

Below are listed the TNG time allocations for period AOT22/2010B. The INAF-TAC approved proposals are sorted according to their scientific merit grades (descending order). Please see the AOT22/2010B schedule for more details.




Programme PI Title Instrument Allocation
TAC_16 S. Benetti The TNG program on Supernova Nucleosynthesis Yields DOLoRes/NICS 110 LT
TAC_42 M. Marconi ''Ultra-long" period variables in IZw18: are they the extension of Classical Cepheids to massive stars? DOLoRes 13.3 A+
TAC_25 A. Caratti o Garatti An REM/TNG study of IR variability in embedded Young Stellar Objects NICS 4 A
TAC_55 E. Palazzi Exploring the Universe with Gamma-Ray Bursts Afterglows. DOLoRes/NICS 48 A
TAC_96 R. Smart The field luminosity function of brown dwarfs down to planetary masses DOLoRes/NICS 150 A
TAC_107 D. Malesani Properties of an unbiased sample of gamma-ray burst host galaxies DOLoRes/NICS 33.5 A
TAC_22 J. Licandro Unveiling the surface composition of the retrograde centaur 2008 YB3 DOLoRes/NICS 5 A
TAC_83 G. Clementini Stellar Archaeology in the M31 halo: the And XVI dwarf spheroidal galaxy. DOLoRes 22.7 A
TAC_15 E. Piconcelli Observing the obscured phase of QSO evolution in the interacting galaxy pair IRAS 20210+1121 DOLoRes 0.52 A
TAC_84 I. Waldmann Characterisation of the atmosphere and non-LTE emissions of the very hot-Jupiter WASP-12b NICS 21.6 A
TAC_35 C.M. Raiteri Understanding the nature of BL Lacertae DOLoRes 2 A
TAC_33 E. Ripamonti Star Formation and Ultra-Luminous X-ray Sources in Extremely Metal Deficient Galaxies DOLoRes 18 B
TAC_46 C. Scarlata The impact of ISM kinematics on the escape of Lyman-alpha photons DOLoRes 33 B
TAC_24 N. Pinilla Alonso Deciphering the unique spectral features of Iapetus: digging into the surface of the bright side. DOLoRes/NICS 3.5 B
TAC_34 P. Tanga Spectroscopic observations of asteroids as a support to the Gaia space mission DOLoRes 18 B
TAC_12 A. Cellino Looking for the parent body of 2008 TC3 DOLoRes/NICS 27 B
TAC_30 B. Catinella GASS 3505, an extraordinarily gas-rich, ''red and dead'' galaxy DOLoRes+MOS 7 B
TAC_3 A. K. Pandey Low mass star formation: the case of Be 59 DOLoRes/NICS 14 B
TAC_6 R. Gratton Confirmation of the SARG planet candidates SARG 10 B
TAC_101 R. Silvotti Exoplanet search with the timing method (EXOTIME) DOLoRes 24 B
TAC_32 P. Marziani Structural and Dynamical Evolution of Quasars: Constraining AccretionDisk Winds in Radio-Loud Quasars DOLoRes 29 B
TAC_5 A. Rossi Source regions of carbonaceous chondrite meteorites NICS 27 B
TAC_17 J. Brand Star formation in translucent cloud LDN 1569 DOLoRes 7 B
TAC_21 C. Dalle Ore 20000 Varuna: a collisional remnant? DOLoRes/NICS 18 B
TAC_4 P. Parisi The nature of 16 INTEGRAL sources through optical spectroscopy DOLoRes 22 B
TAC_23 I. Pillitteri Uncovering the Weak line T-Tauri population in NGC1980 with DOLoRes DOLoRes 20 B
TAC_90 S. Galleti The Globular Cluster system of NGC253: a radial velocity survey for candidates DOLoRes+MOS 11.2 B
TAC_94 E.S. Walker Transient Phenomena in the Universe: Stellar Death and Beyond with the Palomar Transient Factory DOLoRes 10 B
TAC_20 Carmela Lardo Low resolution RGB spectroscopy of two GCs: NGC 7078 and NGC 7089 DOLoRes+MOS 18 B
TAC_97 A. Moretti The Swift - XRT serendipitous cluster survey DOLoRes/NICS 69 B



Spanish CAT

Programme PI Title Instrument Allocation
CAT_5 J.M. Almenara Villa Lightcurve of a post-common envelope binary in various standard filters DOLoRes 1
CAT_25 J. de León Cruz Asteroid Pallas as the origin of near-Earth asteroid Phaethon and the Geminid meteor shower NICS 2
CAT_55 A. Garcés Age-evolution of the high-energy emissions of low-mass stars SARG 4
CAT_62 A. García Muñoz Venus' optical nightglow emissions SARG 2
CAT_83 R. Oreiro Probing the internal angular momentum distribution in red giants from solar like oscillations SARG 5
CAT_100 J.N. González Pérez A spectroscopic study of a remarkable class of active stars revealed by CoRoT SARG 4
CAT_118 S. Iglesias Groth Detección del catión del naftaleno y antraceno en el medio interestelar SARG 3
CAT_139 M. Esposito Follow-up of brown dwarfs and giant planets candidates from the MARVELS SDSS-III survey SARG 6
CAT_143 R. Scarpa Exploring nearby SDSS quasar pairs : environment properties. DOLoRes 2
CAT_152 S. Mateos Ibañez The XMM-Newton view of the hardest X-ray sky DOLoRes 3
CAT_192 J. Gorosabel Urkia Observing GRBs, the most energetic and distant objects of the Universe DOLoRes/NICS 0.33




Programme PI Title Instrument Allocation
ITP10_2 I. Pérez Fournón A comprehensive study of the Universe at infrared wavelengths DOLoRes 8




Programme PI Title Instrument Allocation
OPT10B_29 G. Szabó High-dispersion spectroscopy of the EPOXI target comet 103P/Hartley 2 SARG 1