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TNG Allocations - Period AOT23/2011A

Below are listed the TNG time allocations for period AOT23/2011A. The INAF-TAC approved proposals are sorted according to their scientific merit grades (descending order). Class C programs listed here are intended to be observed in queuing mode only when is not possible to observe any A or B program. Please see the AOT23/2011A schedule for details on visitor mode allocations and ToO programs.


Programme PI Title Instrument Allocation
TAC_67 M. Marconi ''Ultra-long'' period variables in IZw18: are they the extension of Classical Cepheids to massive stars? DOLoRes 13.8 A+
TAC_44 D. García-Álvarez Atmosphere of FK Comae Berenices: magnetic structures from photosphere to corona SARG 5 A+
TAC_13 L. Origlia GIANO Science Verification. Giano 54 A
TAC_28 R. Smart The field luminosity function of brown dwarfs down to planetary masses DOLoRes/NICS 220 A (LT; VLP)
TAC_21 E. Palazzi Exploring the Universe with Gamma-Ray Bursts Afterglows. DOLoRes/NICS 70 A (LT)
TAC_26 S. di Serego Alighieri The Relationship between the Warm and Cold Phases of the Interstellar Medium in Early--Type Galaxies DOLoRes 35 A+
TAC_33 B. Catinella Unusually gas-rich, massive galaxies identified by the GASS survey: looking for signs of accretion. DOLoRes 22.5 A
TAC_34 A. Frasca Doppler imaging of young active stars observed with Kepler. Activity and differential rotation. SARG 36 A
TAC_19 E. S. Walker Transient Phenomena in the Universe: Stellar Death and Beyond with the Palomar Transient Factory DOLoRes 15 A
TAC_18 F. Brighenti Tracing the star formation in early type Galaxies with Infrared excess DOLoRes 15.2 A
TAC_70 D. Malesani Properties of an unbiased sample of gamma-ray burst host galaxies DOLoRes/NICS 26 B
TAC_50 E. Mazzotta Epifani Is the present colour distribution of Centaurs biased by an underestimated coma contamination? DOLoRes 9 B
TAC_35 P. Marziani Structural and Dynamical Evolution of Quasars: Constraining Accretion Disk Winds in Radio-Loud Quasars DOLoRes 24 B
TAC_20 R. Gratton Confirmation of the SARG planet candidates SARG 10 B
TAC_60 E. Ripamonti Metal abundance in spiral and ring galaxies: tests for the origin of ultra--luminous X--ray sources. DOLoRes 17.3 B
TAC_5 N. Masetti Looking for hidden blazars in a sample of unidentified X--rayemitting Fermi sources DOLoRes 14 B
TAC_56 E. Mazzotta Epifani Witnesses from the past: why comets are comets where they should not be? DOLoRes 18 B
TAC_54 F. La Franca Spectroscopic identification of elusive, highly obscured, type 2 QSOs NICS 8 B
TAC_29 S. Benetti The TNG Program on Supernova Nucleosynthesis Yields DOLoRes/NICS 110 B (LT)
TAC_3 N. Pinilla-Alonso Deciphering the unique spectral features of Iapetus, comparative study of bright and dark material. DOLoRes/NICS 4 B
TAC_32 L. Zampieri Hunting the orbital period of Ho IX X-1 DOLoRes 26.3 B
TAC_64 V. Ripepi SARG observations of pulsating Am stars SARG 8 B
TAC_53 F. Fiore Search for LoBAL features in the z=3.911 QSO APM08279+5255 DOLoRes/NICS 3 B
TAC_6 C. M. Raiteri Understanding the nature of BL Lacertae DOLoRes 2 B (LT)
TAC_17 S. Bianchi Unabsorbed type 2 Seyfert galaxies: a challenge for AGN Unified Models DOLoRes/NICS 4 B
TAC_39 E. Ripamonti Star Formation and Ultra-Luminous X-ray Sources in Extremely Metal Deficient Galaxies DOLoRes 12 B
TAC_57 D. Perna Mapping the surface of the dwarf planet (136472) Makemake DOLoRes/NICS 18 B
TAC_31 M. Correnti The kinematics of the nearest wrap of the Sagittarius tidal Stream DOLoRes 47 B
TAC_58 L. Izzo TOO High Resolution Spectroscopy of Galactic Novae SARG 21 B (LT)
TAC_52 N. Cappelluti Spectroscopy and photometry in the AGN nursery around the Galaxy Cluster MS 1137.5+6625 DOLoRes+MOS 24 B
TAC_43 D. Perna The newly identified Tina family: physical characterization DOLoRes 18 B
TAC_40 S. Piranomonte Completing optical follow-up of candidate blazars detected by the fermi Gamma-Ray Space Telescope DOLoRes 17.2 B
TAC_9 P. Parisi The nature of 12 INTEGRAL sources through optical spectroscopy DOLoRes 13 C
TAC_14 B. Stelzer Stars in the XMM COSMOS project: a probe of the galactic stellar population DOLoRes 14.3 C
TAC_66 A. Del Moro Black Holes and revelations: the extreme f_X/f _o population (EXOs) - Part II DOLoRes 19 C
TAC_37 F. La Barbera Early-Type galaxies revealing how mass is assembled throughout the cosmic history - from field to clusters. DOLoRes 24.5 C



Spanish CAT

Programme PI Title Instrument Allocation
CAT_12 E. Pallé Bagó High resolution spectroscopy of the Earthshine and the solar system planets SARG 4
CAT_19 R. Pedro Hedrosa Salting the presolar soup: Nitrogen isotopic ratios in galactic AGB stars II. Extending the sample SARG 2
CAT_30 J. L. Ortíz Moreno Physical properties of binary Transneptunian Objects DOLoRes 5
CAT_47 M. López Morales Radial velocities of 25 new long-period low-mass eclipsing binaries from Kepler SARG 6
CAT_99 J. A. López Aguerri A systematic study of fossil groups. DOLoRes+MOS 5
CAT_102 E. Toloba Jurado Stellar content, MAsses and Kinematics of Cluster Early-type Dwarfs (SMAKCED) IIb NICS 4
CAT_108 S. Mateos Ibañez The XMM-Newton view of the hardest X-ray sky DOLoRes 2
CAT_158 J. Gorosabel Urkia Detecting the most distant objects of the Universe with the TNG DOLoRes/NICS 4 hours
CAT_194 J. I. González Hernández Follow-up of brown dwarfs and giant planets candidates from the MARVELS SDSS-III survey SARG 4




Programme PI Title Instrument Allocation
ITP10_2 I. Pérez Fournón A comprehensive study of the Universe at infrared wavelengths DOLoRes 7




Programme PI Title Instrument Allocation
OPT11A_26 D. Sobral The nature and evolution of luminous line emitters at the peak of the star-formation history NICS 2