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TNG Allocations - Period AOT25/2012A

Below are listed the TNG time allocations for period AOT25/2012A. The INAF-TAC approved proposals are sorted according to their scientific merit grades (descending order). Please see the AOT25/2012A schedule for details on visitor mode allocations and ToO programs.




Programme PI Title Instrument Allocation
TAC_23 S. Covino Commissioning and Calibration of the PAOLO TNG polarimeter DOLoReS 45 A
TAC_11 E. Palazzi Exploring the universe with gamma-ray burst afterglows DOLoReS/NICS 48 A (LT)
TAC_19 S. Ortolani Exploring metal rich globular clusters from new photometry and proper motions: disk or bulge clusters? DOLoReS/NICS 38 A
TAC_6 L. Cortese The origin of ~200 kpc long gas tails in galaxy groups infalling into Abell1367 DOLoReS 12 A
TAC_54 D. Perna Investigation of two notable Jupiter Trojans: (624) Hektor and (911) Agamemnon DOLoReS/NICS 18 A
TAC_10 C.M. Raiteri Understanding the nature of BL Lacertae DOLoReS 2 A (LT)
TAC_45 G. Piotto Determining the nature and the orbital parameters of the perturber in the HAT-P-13 planetary system SARG 14 A
TAC_18 A. Frasca Magnetic activity and solar-like pulsations in X-ray sources in the Kepler field of view. SARG 13 A
TAC_34 D. Perna Investigation of suitable targets for the sample return mission MarcoPolo-R DOLoReS/NICS 18 A
TAC_49 E.S. Walker Stellar Death and Beyond: Studies of Supernovae with TNG DOLoReS/NICS 60 A
TAC_51 D. Luz Measurement of zonal winds at the lower cloud level of the atmosphere of Venus NICS 9 A
TAC_4 R. Gratton Follow-up observations of planets detected with SARG SARG 5.5 B
TAC_43 A. Fritz Spectroscopic follow-up of the galaxy population in lensing galaxy groups at moderate redshift DOLoReS/MOS 7 B
TAC_39 M. Cantiello UVIK' observations of extragalactic globular cluster systems: in pursuit of real bimodal metallicity DOLoReS/NICS 36.5 B
TAC_1 T. Morokuma Spectroscopy of Host Galaxies of Type II-P SNe with Shock Breakout Detection DOLoReS 12 B
TAC_7 N. Masetti The nature of 15 hard X--ray sources through optical spectroscopy DOLoReS 20 B
TAC_35 A. Migliorini Vis-NIR investigation of peculiar basaltic asteroids, in support to the DAWN mission DOLoReS/NICS 27 C
TAC_52 G. Piotto A Transit Time Variation search for low-mass planets in the HAT-P-26 planetary system DOLoReS 18 C
TAC_33 M. Girardi Scaling relations of Fossil Galaxy Groups: DOLORES/MOS observations to complete a large sample DOLoReS+MOS 20 C
TAC_20 F. Brighenti Tracing the star formation in early type Galaxies with Infrared excess DOLoReS 15.2 C
TAC_31 E. Mazzotta Epifani Is the present color distribution of Centaurs biased by an underestimated contamination? DOLoReS 9 C (LT)
TAC_13 S. Fornasier Spectroscopic investigation of asteroids belonging to the Themis and Beagle families. DOLoReS/NICS 27 C
TAC_2 A. Sollima Leaving home: a search for multiple stellar populations in the starclusters of three nearby starburst galaxies DOLoReS/NICS 15.5 C
TAC_50 M. Delbo Is the dinosaur-killer asteroid from the Baptistina family? Solving the puzzle with the TNG DOLoReS/NICS 37.8 C
TAC_46 N. Pinilla-Alonso Deciphering the surface composition of Iapetus, Rhea and Tethys, three satellites of Saturn DOLoReS 5.8 C
TAC_28 M. Paolillo Characterizing the environment and mass assembling history of XMM-confirmed Fossil Groups DOLoReS+MOS 12.5 C
TAC_32 R. Smart The field luminosity function of brown dwarfs down to planetary masses DOLoReS/NICS 74 C (LT; VLP)
TAC_27 F. La Barbera Early-Type galaxies revealing how mass is assembled throughout the cosmic history - from field to clusters. DOLoReS 13 C
TAC_29 D.R. Soderblom G stars that flare: What are they? SARG 36 C
TAC_15 V. D'Elia The quest for ultra high energy peaked blazars DOLoReS 7 C
TAC_47 L. Zappacosta Investigating the local galaxy-IGM connection DOLoReS 22.3 C



Spanish CAT

Programme PI Title Instrument Allocation
CAT_2 J.N. González Pérez Starspot evolution on KIC 8429280: Doppler Imaging of a CoRoT-2A-like star SARG 6
CAT_10 J.L. Ortiz Moreno Observation of stellar occultations by TransNeptunian Dwarf Planet candidates NICS 2 hr
CAT_20 J. de Leon Cruz UV-Visible spectra of B-type asteroids DOLoReS 3
CAT_55 J. Licandro Goldaracena Spectroscopic observations of two spacecraft targets DOLoReS/NICS 2.5
CAT_75 J. Licandro Goldaracena Near-infrared Spectroscopic Study of the asteroids in the Polana Family NICS 2
CAT_80 D.A. García Hernández Low resolution spectroscopy of Galactic disk Planetary Nebulae with peculiar Spitzer spectra DOLoReS 2
CAT_96 J.M. Trigo Rodríguez Espectroscopía IR de estallidos luminosos en cometas NICS 10 hr
CAT_118 R.M. Pérez Martínez MOS on newly discovered FIR, MIR objects and Halpha emitters in Abell 2219 DOLoReS+MOS 3
CAT_120 J. Gorosabel Urkia Sub-proposal III: Detecting the most distant objects of the Universe with the TNG DOLoReS/NICS 4 hr
CAT_137 M. Esposito Spectroscopic and photometric follow-up of MARVELS brown dwarf candidates SARG 2.5
CAT_140 A. Cava Spectro-photometric calibration of SHARDS with DOLORES DOLoReS+MOS 3
CAT_155 E. Toloba Jurado Stellar content, Mass and Kinematics of Cluster Early-Type Dwarfs (SMAKCED) NICS 4




Programme PI Title Instrument Allocation
ITP10_4 R. Kotak Deaths of the most massive stars & precision cosmology using new transient discovery factories DOLoRes/NICS 8




Programme PI Title Instrument Allocation
OPT12A_20 D. Sobral The nature and evolution of luminous line emitters at the peak of the star-formation history NICS 3
OPT12A_5 T. Morel Follow up of the CoRoT target HD 45975: establishing the existence of pulsations in HgMn stars SARG 2