Fundación Galileo Galilei - INAF Telescopio Nazionale Galileo 28°45'14.4N 17°53'20.6W 2387.2m A.S.L.

TNG Schedule- Period AOT25/2012A

Listed below are the TNG nights scheduled in visitor mode and details on ToO programmes for the AOT25/12A period. The rest of the approved programmes are scheduled in queuing mode, with the priority given by the INAF-TAC.

Astronomers with allocated queuing time will be contacted by us in a few days after the publication of this schedule and are requested to submit their observing blocks before 16:00UT of January 26, 2012. Please note that late submissions may produce a downgrading of the observing blocks. Visiting observers are kindly invited to read the instructions given here. In case of doubt, they can contact our Astronomy Helpdesk.

Other information, hints and warnings useful to prepare the observing run can be found here. Please note that special instructions and time constraints apply to programs requiring multi-object spectroscopy (DOLoRes+MOS), see the dedicated web page.

Any comments or inquiries about this schedule can be addressed to the Head of Astronomy.



Visitor Mode

Programme and PI Instrument Allocated nights
TAC_32 Smart DOLoReS/NICSFeb 2-5; Apr 27-30
CAT_20 de Léon Cruz DOLoReSFeb 6-8
TAC_54 Perna DOLoReS/NICSFeb 11-12
TAC_34 Perna DOLoReS/NICSFeb 13-14
TAC_52 Piotto DOLoReSFeb 15 (4.5 hr); Mar 3 (4.5 hr); Mar 20 (4.5 hr)
TAC_31 Mazzotta Epifani DOLoReSFeb 16
TAC_13 Fornasier DOLoReS/NICSFeb 18-20
CAT_140 Cava DOLoReS+MOSFeb 24-26
ITP10_04 Kotak DOLoReS/NICSFeb 27; May 8-9; May 28-29; Jul 22-24
TAC_23 Covino DOLoReSFeb 28-29
OPT12A_20 Sobral NICSMar 1-2, Mar 4
CAT_155 Toloba Jurado NICSMar 5-8
TAC_50 Delbo DOLoReS/NICSMar 9-12
TAC_35 Migliorini DOLoReS/NICSMar 15-17
TAC_43 Fritz DOLoReS+MOSMar 18 (7 hr)
HARPS-N Commissioning HARPS-NMar 23-27; Mar 31 - Apr 4; Apr 12-22
CAT_55 Licandro Goldaracena DOLoReS/NICSApr 23; Jun 6 (hf. night)
TAC_33 Girardi DOLoReS+MOSApr 24-25
HARPS-N GTO HARPS-NMay 22-25; Jun 8-11; Jun 21-24; Jul 5-8; Jul 16-19
TAC_28 Paolillo DOLoReS+MOSMay 15; Jul 21 (3 hr)
CAT_118 Pérez Martínez DOLoReS+MOSMay 19-21
CAT_137 Esposito SARGJun 4-5; Jun 6 (hf. night)
TAC_46 Pinilla-Alonso DOLoReSJun 7 (5.8 hr)
CAT_75 Licandro Goldaracena NICSJun 12-13
TAC_19 Ortolani DOLoReS/NICSJun 15-18
CAT_2 González Pérez SARGJun 25-30
TAC_29 Soderblom SARGJul 1-4
TAC_51 Luz NICSJul 10-12 (3 hr/night)
CAT_80 García Hernández DOLoReSJul 25-26




Programme and PI ToO Time Notes
TAC_11 Palazzi 24 hr  
TAC_49 Walker 8 hr 10 triggers
CAT_10 Ortiz Moreno 2 hr Override
CAT_96 Trigo Rodríguez 4 x 2.5 hr No override
CAT_120 Gorosabel 4 x 1 hr No override