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TNG Allocations - Period AOT26/2012B

Below are listed the TNG time allocations for period AOT26/2012B. The approved proposals are sorted according to their scientific merit grades (descending order). Please see the AOT26/2012B schedule for details on visitor mode allocations and ToO programs.




Programme PI Title Instrument Allocation
TAC_33 S. Covino Commissioning and Calibration of the PAOLO TNG polarimeter DOLoReS 45
TAC_63 P. D'Avanzo Exploring the Universe with Gamma-Ray Burst Afterglows DOLoReS/NICS 30
TAC_52 N. Pinilla-Alonso ToO: Stellar occultations by Dwarf Planets, the largest trans-Neptunian objects DOLoReS 4
TAC_48 A. Cellino The origin of Main Belt Comets from Asteroid Collisions DOLoReS 5.5
TAC_70 A. Sozzetti Characterizing the Global Architectures of Planetary Systems (GAPS) HARPS-N 324
TAC_14 B. Balmaverde The AGN/clusters feedback: a direct measurement of the expansion speed of the X-rays cavities. DOLoReS 1.4
TAC_37 M. Montalto Time-series spectroscopic measurements of the extrasolar planet HAT-P-1 DOLoReS 7.8
TAC_32 D. Perna Spectroscopic investigation of nine Potentially Hazardous Asteroids DOLoReS/NICS 18
TAC_41 R. Silvotti Planetary companions to sdB stars HARPS-N 12
TAC_50 G. Rodighiero Extreme Herschel star-forming galaxies at z~2 NICS 18
TAC_20 D. Perna Investigation of two notable Jupiter Trojans: (624) Hektor and (911) Agamemnon DOLoReS/NICS 18
TAC_30 V. Nascimbeni Probing the atmosphere of the extrasolar planet WASP-12b DOLoReS 10
TAC_8 N. Masetti The nature of hard X-ray sources through optical spectroscopy DOLoReS 20
TAC_47 S. Mereghetti Time resolved spectroscopy of the sdO X-ray binary BD +37 442 SARG 10
TAC_21 S. Fornasier Spectroscopic investigation of asteroids belonging to the Themis and Beagle families. DOLoReS/NICS 27
TAC_35 A. Fritz Spectroscopic follow-up of the galaxy population in lensing galaxy groups at moderate redshift DOLoReS 4
TAC_46 E.S. Walker Stellar Death and Beyond: Studies of Supernovae with TNG DOLoReS/NICS/SARG 72
TAC_68 C. Cardoso The field luminosity function of brown dwarfs down to planetary masses DOLoReS/NICS 40.5
TAC_5 V. D'Elia Spectroscopic identification of the Planck blazar candidates DOLoReS 14



Spanish CAT

Programme PI Title Instrument Allocation
CAT_104 J. Gorosabel Urkia Sub-proposal III: Studying with the TNG the most distant objects of the Universe NICS 2hr
CAT_48 R. Barrena Delgado The case of Abell 523: a giant radio halo hosted by an X-ray underluminous galaxy cluster DOLoReS+MOS 2
CAT_4 J. L. Ortiz Moreno Observation of stellar occultations by TransNeptunian Dwarf Planet candidates NICS/DOLoReS 2hr
CAT_44 I. Ribas Canudas High-precision radial velocity survey to detect low-mass planets around M-type stars HARPS-N 7
CAT_71 J.A. Rubiño Martín The PLANCK SZ Galaxy clusters: building a reference sample for Cosmology DOLoReS+MOS 3
CAT_104 J. Gorosabel Urkia Sub-proposal III: Studying with the TNG the most distant objects of the Universe DOLoReS 2hr
CAT_135 J. Licandro Goldaracena Near-infrared Spectroscopic Study of the asteroids in the Polana Family DOLoReS/NICS 2
CAT_12 J. de León Cruz UV-Visible spectra of B-type asteroids DOLoReS 2
CAT_112 J. García Rojas A systematic search for s-process faint emission lines in Galactic PN SARG 3
CAT_177 M.C. Gálvez Ortiz Confirming emerging rocky plantes from the Keck Planet Search HARPS-N 5
CAT_60 D. Montes Gutierrez Mining the sky for accreting T-Tauri stars outside star-forming region cores DOLoReS 1
CAT_147 E. Villaver TAPAS: Tracking Advanced PlAnetary Systems with HARPS-N HARPS-N 4
CAT_98 R. Alonso Sobrino High precision near-IR spectrophotometry of transiting exoplanets NICS 1




Programme PI Title Instrument Allocation
ITP12_2 J.A. Rubiño Martín The Planck SZ Galaxy clusters: building a reference sample for cosmology DOLoReS+MOS 4




Programme PI Title Instrument Allocation
OPT12B_34 M. Brogi Characterizing the disintegration of the planet KIC 12557548b DOLoReS+MOS 2
OPT12B_33 S. Fornasier Study of the Potentially Hazardous Asteroid 214869 (2007 PA8) DOLoReS/NICS 0.33
OPT12B_13 G. Hebrard HARPS-N and SOPHIE joint studies of transiting exoplanets HARPS-N 5