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TNG Allocations - Period AOT27/2013A

Below are listed the TNG time allocations for period AOT27/2013A. The approved proposals are sorted according to their scientific merit grades (descending order). Please see the AOT27/2013A schedule for details on visitor mode allocations and ToO programs.




Programme PI Title Instrument Allocation
TAC_52 A. Sozzetti Characterizing the Global Architectures of Planetary Systems (GAPS)HARPS-N 360
TAC_46 N. Pinilla-Alonso ToO: Stellar occultations by Dwarf Planets, the largest trans-Neptunian objectsDOLoReS 4
TAC_40 S. Ortolani Exploring metal rich globular clusters from new photometry and proper motions: disk or bulge clusters ?DOLoReS/NICS 37
TAC_48 R. Maiolino Star formation in quasar driven outflowsNICS 21
TAC_38 P. Molaro Probing constants variation with the very bright QSO 1551+1911HARPS-N 27
TAC_35 G. Lo Curto Super eccentric giant planets from Kepler candidates: the progenitor of the hot Jupiters ?HARPS-N 42
Confirmed Large Programmes:
TAC_26 E.S. Walker Stellar Death and Beyond: Studies of Supernovae with TNGDOLoReS/NICS/HARPS-N 72
TAC_5 P. D'Avanzo Exploring the Universe with Gamma-Ray Burst AfterglowsDOLoReS/NICS 36
TAC_7 N. Masetti The nature of hard X-ray sources through optical spectroscopyDOLoReS 20



Spanish CAT

Programme PI Title Instrument Allocation
CAT_30 J. Gorosabel Urkia Sub-proposal III: Exploiting the TNG capabilities to detect the most distant objects of the Universe DOLoReS/NICS 4hr
CAT_24 J.L. Ortiz Moreno Observation of stellar occultations by TransNeptunian Dwarf Planet candidates DOLoReS/NICS 2hr
CAT_117 I. Ribas Canudas High-precision radial velocity survey to detect low-mass planets around M-type stars HARPS-N 7
CAT_83 P.J. Amado González Cool tiny beats : Small planets, activity and pulsation in M dwarfs HARPS-N 6
CAT_37 A. Thirouin Mutual events in the Kuiper Belt: the case of Sila-Nunam. DOLoReS 2
CAT_91 D.A. García Hernández Calibrating APOGEE Stellar Parameters with a crucial sample of Bulge Giants NICS 5
CAT_23 E. Villaver TAPAS: Tracking Advanced Planetary Systems with HARPS-N HARPS-N 3
CAT_57 M.C. Gálvez Ortiz Confirming emerging rocky plantes from the Keck Planet Search HARPS-N 4
CAT_70 I. García de la Rosa An AGN jet affecting the evolution of cluster galaxies other than its own host? DOLoReS+MOS 1
CAT_11 J. Licandro Goldaracena Visible and Near-infrared Spectroscopic Study of the asteroids in the Polana Family NICS/DOLoReS 1
Service nights 1




Programme PI Title Instrument Allocation
OPT13A_38S. DuddySearching for Spectral Variations with Rotational Phase as Evidence for Specific Asteroid Fission Mechanisms NICS/DOLoReS3
OPT13A_5I. SnellenFirst measurement of spin-orbit alignment for a rocky exoplanetHARPS-N1
OPT13A_8G. HebrardHARPS-N and SOPHIE joint studies of transiting exoplanets (continued)HARPS-N3