Fundación Galileo Galilei - INAF Telescopio Nazionale Galileo 28°45'14.4N 17°53'20.6W 2387.2m A.S.L.

TNG Allocations - Period August 1, 2013 to February 28, 20-14

Below are listed the time allocations for semester 2013B (August 1, 2013 - January 31, 2014) and INAF-TAC semester AOT28 (September 1, 2013 - February 28, 2014). See the schedule of the period.



Spanish CAT

Programme PI Title Instrument Allocation
CAT13B_1 José Luis Ortiz Moreno Observation of stellar occultations by TransNeptunian Dwarf Planet candidates DOLoRes/NICS 2hr
CAT13B_12 Rafael Barrena Delgado The case of Abell 523: a giant radio halo hosted by an X-ray underluminous galaxy cluster DOLoRes+MOS 1
CAT13B_33 Florian Rodler Measuring the orbital misalignment of a super-Earth HARPS-N 1.5
CAT13B_34 Florian Rodler Planets beyond the ice line, eccentric planets, and inflated super-Earths HARPS-N 2.5
CAT13B_41 Audrey Thirouin Mutual events in the Kuiper Belt: the case of Sila-Nunam DOLoRes 1
CAT13B_111 Julia de León Cruz Near-infrared Spectroscopic Study of the asteroids in the new Polana and Eulalia families NICS 3
CAT13B_130 Massimiliano Esposito Star-planet tidal interactions: Constraints to the orbital alignment timescale via the Rossiter-McLaughlin effect HARPS-N 3
CAT13B_136 Pedro José Amado González Cool tiny beats II: Small planets, activity and pulsation in M dwarfs HARPS-N 6
CAT13B_137 Javier Gorosabel Urkia Sub-proposal III: Exploiting the TNG capabilities to detect the most distant objects of the Universe DOLoRes/NICS 2hr
CAT13B_145 Eva Villaver TAPAS: Tracking Advanced PlAnetary Systems with HARPS-N-N HARPS-N/SPEC 5
CAT13B_149 Javier Licandro Goldaracena Characterizing ices, organics and dust in comets C/2012 K1 and C/2012 S1 DOLoRes/NICS 2
CAT13B_170 María Cruz Galvez Ortiz Confirming emerging rocky plantes from the Keck Planet Search HARPS-N 5
IAC service nights 1




Programme PI Title Instrument Allocation
OPT13B_11 Maciej Konacki The radial velocity survey for circumbinary extrasolar planets HARPS-N4
OPT13B_30 Guillaume Hébrard HARPS-N and SOPHIE joint studies of transiting exoplanets (continued) HARPS-N1
OPT13B_46 Philippe Rousselot Isotopic ratios in comet C/2012 S1 (ISON) HARPS-N1
OPT13B_69 David Anderson Testing spin-orbit alignment for a diverse sample of giant planets HARPS-N4
OPT13B_71 Susanna Vergani The properties of a complete sample of long gamma-ray bursts host galaxies at z<1.5 DOLoRes1.5




Programme PI Title Instrument Allocation
ITP13_8 J.A. Rubiño Martín The Planck SZ Galaxy clusters: building a reference sample for Cosmology DOLoRes+MOS 5




Programme PI Title Instrument Allocation
A28TAC_1Gino TostiUnveiling the nature of unidentified gamma ray sources with optical spectroscopic observationsDOLoRes15
A28TAC_3Cesare Cecchi-PestelliniDiffuse interstellar bands - central wavelength and profile variationsHARPS-N18
A28TAC_4Antti PenttilaDifferentiated asteroid families and dwarf planets -- a link to the formation of planetary systems.NICS14
A28TAC_9Lucia GuaitaRest-frame UV spectroscopy of z~= 2 star-forming galaxies discovered in an over-dense regionDOLoRes+MOS14
A28TAC_13Stefano CovinoPolarimetric monitoring of MAGIC blazarsDOLoRes12
A28TAC_16Vania LorenziToO: Stellar occultations by Dwarf Planets, the largest trans-Neptunian objectsDOLoRes4
A28TAC_17Anna WolterObscured or not? AGN2 from the ROSAT NEP SurveyDOLoRes12
A28TAC_19Lars BuchhaveConfirmation of HATNet Transiting Exoplanet Candidates with HARPS-N-NHARPS-N18
A28TAC_20Luigi BedinSearch for giant planets in M67HARPS-N27
A28TAC_21Gian Paolo TozziHigh Spectral Resolution observations of the Sun-grazing Comet C/2012 S1 (ISON)HARPS-N4
A28TAC_22Paolo Molaro5th January 2014: A Unique Earth Transit as Seen from JupiterHARPS-N15
A28TAC_23John TeltingLarge Planetary companions to sdB starsHARPS-N19
Confirmed Large Programmes:
A26TAC_8 Nicola Masetti The nature of hard X-ray sources through optical spectroscopyDOLoRes 20
A26TAC_46 Emma S. Walker Stellar Death and Beyond: Studies of Supernovae with TNGDOLoRes/NICS/HARPS-N 72
A26TAC_63 Paolo D'Avanzo Exploring the Universe with Gamma-Ray Burst AfterglowsDOLoRes/NICS 36