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TNG Allocations - Period AOT36/2017B

Below are listed the time allocations for semester AOT36/2017B (October 1, 2017 - March 31, 2018). See the schedule of the period.


Programme PI Title Instrument Allocation
A36TAC_1 A. Migliorini Spectroscopy of basaltic asteroids distributed in the Main Belt DOLORES/NICS 15
A36TAC_5 F. Taddia Observing supernovae from the Zwicky Transient Facility with the TNG DOLORES 30
A36TAC_6 D. Perna Unveiling thermal and irradiation effects on Near-Sun Asteroids DOLORES 7.5
A36TAC_8 S. Ieva Near-infrared characterization of carbonaceous C-complex Near-Earth asteroids NICS 18
A36TAC_11 L. Costantin Disk-like Bulges at the end of the Hubble Sequence DOLORES 32.3
A36TAC_12 D. Gandolfi Unveiling the diversity of small exoplanets with K2 and HARPS-N HARPS-N 30
A36TAC_13 A. Bragaglia Complementing Gaia from the ground: HARPS-N observation of the nearby open cluster NGC 7092 HARPS-N 25
A36TAC_20 N. Napolitano Spectroscopy of massive ultra-compact galaxies in the KIDS survey: toward completion DOLORES+MOS 36
A36TAC_22 S. Antoniucci A pilot programme for GHOST: GIARPS High-resolution ObservationS of T Tauri stars GIARPS 10.4
A36TAC_24 M. Polletta Galaxy physical properties in high-z (2<z<4) nascent clusters revealed by Planck DOLORES/NICS 18
A36TAC_25 A. Moretti Searching for quasars in the first Gyr after the Big Bang. DOLORES 35
A36TAC_26 V. D'Elia Exploring the Universe with Gamma-Ray Burst Afterglows DOLORES/NICS 10
A36TAC_28 P. Molaro Radial velocity drifts induced by Ceres's spots: search for the presence of haze in Occator GIARPS 20
A36TAC_29 J. Kotilainen Are LoBAL QSOs young AGN with high accretion rates? NICS 15
A36TAC_30 F. Massi Zooming into the circumstellar disks of young stars with GIANO and GRAVITY/VLTI combined observations GIARPS 21.1
A36TAC_33 W. Boschin CIZA J2242.8+5301 and its companion: a case study for the accretion mechanism of the cosmic structures DOLORES 1.2
A36TAC_35 M. Hjorth Towards a better understanding of hot Jupiters: Measuring the obliquity in HAT-P-54 HARPS-N 4
A36TAC_36 L. Moscadelli Disclosing the circumstellar environment of high-mass young stellar objects with GIANO GIANO 8.9
A36TAC_37 R. Silvotti The first MS+WD binary with a ''living'' and a ''dead'' planetary system HARPS-N 5
A36TAC_38 (GAPS ) A. Sozzetti Masses orbits and atmospheres of hot and young planets: A GIARPS view of planet formation of evolution GIARPS 220
A36TAC_42 J. Puschnig Discriminating gas excitation using NIR H_2 emission lines in local Lyman Alpha Emitters (Resubmission) NICS 25
A36TAC_44 R. Läsker An imaging repository for Black Hole host galaxies and mass measurements NICS 16
Confirmed Long Term Programmes:
A34TAC_24 S. Piranomonte Spectroscopic and imaging follow-up of gravitational radiation sources with TNG DOLORES/NICS 40

Spanish CAT

Programme PI Title Instrument Allocation
CAT17B_29 N. Casasayas Barris Atmospheric characterization of exoplanets using high resolution spectroscopy HARPS-N 1.5
CAT17B_57 M. Perger High-precision radial velocity survey to detect low-mass planets around M-type stars HARPS-N 3
CAT17B_78 B. Montesinos Comino Transient circumstellar events in HR 10: exocomets and/or gaseous orbiting bodies? HARPS-N 1
CAT17B_88 T. Shahbaz Determining the binary inclination angle in millisecond X-ray binary pulsars DOLORES 1
CAT17B_99 G. Nowak The KESPRINT project - understanding the internal structures of small planet candidates from the K2 mission. HARPS-N 3
CAT17B_102 E. Villaver Planets around evolved stars HARPS-N 6
CAT17B_140 R. Rebolo López Searching for Earth-mass planets in solar-type stars with both HARPS-N HARPS-N 8
CAT17B_153 A. Herrero Davó NIR spectroscopy of OB stars as constraints for wind clumping and chemical composition GIANO 1
CAT17B_155 F. Murgas Alcaíno Measuring the Rossiter-McLaughlin effect in young solar systems HARPS-N 1.5
CAT17B_171 J.I. González Hernández On the origin of hot Jupiters HARPS-N 2
IAC Service Any 3


Programme PI Title Instrument Allocation
OPT17B_016 M. McClure Probing the atomic layer inside the dust sublimation rim of protoplanetary disks with neutral carbon and oxygen GIANO 1
OPT17B_036 F. Onori Monitoring of tidal disruption events DOLORES 1
OPT17B_048 T. Louden Spatially resolving the atmospheric circulation of a Hot Jupiter HARPS-N 1.5
OPT17B_055 M. Urbaneja Isotopic CNO abundances in Galactic Red Supergiant Stars GIANO 1.5
OPT17B_059 A. Hatzes Spectroscopic follow-up observations of small transiting planets from the K2 mission HARPS-N 3