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TNG Allocations - Period AOT38/2018B

Below are listed the time allocations for semester AOT38/2018B (October 1, 2018 - March 31, 2019). See the schedule of the period.


Programme PI Title Instrument Allocation
A38TAC_7E. NardiniAccurately weighing Narrow Line Seyfert black holes with PaαNICS6
A38TAC_8S. AntoniucciGHOST: GIARPS High-resolution ObservationS of T Tauri starsGIARPS9
A38TAC_15S. IevaSpectroscopic survey of Merxia and Agnia family, a closer look to early differentiation in the Solar SystemDOLORES/NICS18
A38TAC_18F. MassiResolving the Inner Structure of Proto-Planetary Discs: a Combined GIARPS/TNG-GRAVITY/VLTI SurveyGIARPS8
A38TAC_20E. Mazzotta EpifaniThe nature of TNO 2013 LU28: a visitor from the Oort cloud?DOLORES/NICS6
A38TAC_22R. SilvottiLarge Wanted dead and alive. The first MS+WD binary with a ''living'' and a ''dead'' planetary system.HARPS-N5 (LT)
A38TAC_24E. DottoUnveiling the nature of Didymos, the asteroid target of the DART missionNICS8
A38TAC_25D. PernaUnveiling thermal and irradiation effects on Near-Sun AsteroidsDOLORES5.5
A38TAC_26D. GandolfiUnveiling the diversity of small exoplanets with K2 and HARPS-NHARPS-N30
A38TAC_29S. PiranomonteFollow-up of electromagnetic counterparts of gravitational wave sources at TNGDOLORES/NICS30 (LT)
Nordic programmes:
A38TAC_3M. HjorthTowards a better understanding of the formation of hot Jupiters: Measuring the obliquity in HD 286123HARPS-N8
A38TAC_6F. TaddiaObserving supernovae from the Zwicky Transient Facility with the TNGDOLORES25
A38TAC_23V. NeustroevTemperature measurement of a cooling white dwarf in MT~ComDOLORES2.2
A38TAC_27A.W. MayoMaking the First Mass Measurement of a Sub-Neptune in an Open ClusterGIARPS28
A38TAC_28L.A. BuchhaveDetecting Spectral Features of Metals in an Ultra-hot Jupiter AtmosphereGIARPS6.5
Confirmed Large Programmes:
A37TAC_31 (GAPS)G. MicelaGAPS2: the origin of planetary systems diversityGIARPS306
A37TAC_13L. OrigliaStellar Population Astrophysics: the detailed, age-resolved chemistry of the Milky Way diskGIARPS117

Spanish CAT

Programme PI Title Instrument Allocation
CAT18B_31S. Iglesias GrothDetermining the abundance of fullerenes in protoplanetary disksGIARPS1.5
CAT18B_62N. Casasayas BarrisAtmospheric characterization of exoplanets using high resolution spectroscopyGIARPS6
CAT18B_93G. NowakThe KESPRINT project - understanding the internal structures of small planets from the K2 missionHARPS-N3
CAT18B_125F. Murgas AlcaínoMeasuring the Rossiter-McLaughlin effect of Qatar-8HARPS-N0.5
CAT18B_141C. Cardona GuillénThe search for exoplanets in young open clusters and star forming regionsHARPS-N2
CAT18B_144B. Toledo PadrónHigh-precision radial velocity survey to detect short-period low-mass planets around M-type starsHARPS-N7
CAT18A_115R. Rebolo LópezSearching for Earth-mass planets in solar-type stars with both HARPS-NHARPS-N7
IAC Service4


Programme PI Title Instrument Allocation
OPT18B_34 F. Onori Monitoring of tidal disruption events DOLORES 1
OPT18B_42 T. Louden Spatially resolving the atmospheric circulation of a Hot Saturn HARPS-N 2
OPT18B_52 A. Hatzes Spectroscopic follow-up observations of small transiting planets from the K2 mission HARPS-N 3


Programme PI Title Instrument Allocation
ITP18_8 P-E. Tremblay Galactic Archaeology with White Dwarfs HARPS-N 4
ITP18_10 A. Caratti o Garatti Resolving the Inner Structure of Proto-Planetary Discs: a Combined GIARPS/TNG-GRAVITY/VLTI Survey GIARPS 4