Fundación Galileo Galilei - INAF Telescopio Nazionale Galileo 28°45'14.4N 17°53'20.6W 2387.2m A.S.L.

TNG Schedule - September 29, 2020 - March 31, 2021

Listed below are the TNG nights scheduled in the semester AOT42/2020B. The allocations for the same period can be found here. Dates indicate the start of night. Visiting observers are requested to read the instructions given here. In case of doubt, please contact our Astronomy Helpdesk.

Other information, hints and warnings useful to prepare the observing run can be found here. Please note that special instructions and time constraints apply to programs requiring multi-object spectroscopy (DOLORES+MOS), see the dedicated web page.

In case of problems with the scheduling of your programme, please notify the Head of Astronomy as soon as possible.

Note: The execution of the observations related to the proposal A41TAC_18, “Follow-up of electromagnetic counterparts of gravitational wave sources at TNG”, may have a significant impact on the scheduled programs.

Visitor or Service Mode (Warning: Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, we might change the observing mode whenever needed, even on very short notice)

Programme and PI Instrument Mode Scheduled nights
A37TAC_13 Origlia GIARPS V Sep 29-Oct 1, Oct 13, Oct 16-19, Nov 24-25
GTO GIARPS V Oct 2-7, Nov 26-30, Dec 25-Jan 1, Jan 18-22, Jan 29-Feb 1, Feb 27-Mar 4, Mar 25-31
A41TAC_8 Pastorello DOLORES/NICS S Oct 8 , Oct 24 , Dec 3, Jan 24, Feb 13, Mar 5, Mar 22 (2h slots); Nov 13, Jan 6 (3h slots)
A42TAC_17 Testa NICS S Oct 8 (0:50h), Mar 6 (8:10h)
CAT20B_80 Casasayas GIARPS V Oct 9, Oct 15, Oct 20, Oct 25, Nov 7
A42TAC_6 Lazzarin DOLORES/NICS S Oct 10 (3h), Nov 14 (6:30h), Dec 12 (3:30h), Mar 24 (4:30h)
GAPS GIARPS S Oct 11, Oct 14, Oct 21, Oct 30-Nov 3, Nov 19, Dec 4-9, Dec 19, Jan 2- 5, Jan 14, Feb 5-10, Feb 16, Mar 12-16, Mar 19
ITP20_7 Kotak DOLORES V Oct 12, Dec 17, Mar 7
A42TAC_2 Grazian DOLORES S Oct 22-23 (4:30 slots)
A42TAC_12 Antoniucci GIARPS/NICS S Oct 22-23 (4:15h slots); Oct 24 (1:30h), Nov 12 (4:15h), Nov 13 (3:15h), Nov 14 (1:30h)
CAT20B_41 Pallé HARPS-N V Oct 26-28, Feb 2-4
A42TAC_15 Ripepi HARPS-N S Oct 29, Dec 1, Dec 13
CAT19A_162 Nowak HARPS-N V Nov 4-6, Dec 20-22, Feb 19-22
A42TAC_1 Boschin DOLORES+MOS V Nov 8-10 (4h slots)
A42TAC_22 Knudstrup HARPS-N S Nov 11 (6h), Mar 21 (4:30h)
ITP20_3 Caratti GIARPS S Nov 15-17 (6h slots); Dec 10 (7h), Dec 11 (6:30h)
OPT20B_10 Tisserand DOLORES V Nov 20-23
CAT20B_S (IAC Service) Any V Dec 2, Jan 8, Mar 8
A41TAC_54 Silvotti HARPS-N S Dec 12, Jan 6, Jan 24, Feb 13, Mar 5, Mar 21 (0.5h slots)
A42TAC_28 von Essen HARPS-N S Dec 14-16
A42TAC_27 Bello HARPS-N S Dec 18 (5:30h)
CAT20B_23 Beitia HARPS-N V Dec 23-24
A42TAC_14 Cescutti HARPS-N S Jan 7
CAT20B_112 Domínguez DOLORES V Jan 9-12, Jan 13 (1st hf)
A42TAC_8 Mazzotta DOLORES S Jan 17 (7h), Feb 14 (8h), Feb 15 (5h)
CAT20B_90 Oshag HARPS-N V Jan 23 (4:30h)
A42TAC_20 Rainer HARPS-N S Feb 17 (5:20h), Feb 18 (3:45h)
ITP19_2 Méndez [R] DOLORES V Mar 9-11
A42TAC_13 Middei GIANO-B/NICS S Mar 17-18


Programme and PI ToO Time (hours)
A42TAC_19 D'Avanzo 10
A42TAC_21 Izzo 7
A41TAC_18 Piranomonte 30