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TNG Allocations - Period AOT43/2021A

Below are listed the time allocations for semester AOT43/2021A (April 1 -- September 30, 2021). The schedule of the semester can be found here


Programme PI Title Instrument Allocation
A43TAC_1 W. Boschin DOLoRes/MOS spectroscopy of PSZ2 G282.28+49.94, a new "bullet-like" galaxy cluster DOLORES+MOS 7
A43TAC_2 V. D'Elia Exploring the Universe with Gamma-Ray Burst Afterglows DOLORES/NICS 17.5
A43TAC_6 F. Guarneri Finding the brightest Cosmic Beacons in the Equatorial Stripe DOLORES 27
A43TAC_9 A. Sanna Revealing optical pulsations in binary millisecond pulsars. SIFAP2 9.5
A43TAC_10 E. Prandini Measuring the flux variations of a TeV blazar in the context of a multi-wavelength campaign SIFAP2 1.5
A43TAC_12 M. Montalto A photometric follow-up of TESS exoplanet candidates around subgiant stars. DOLORES 13
A43TAC_15 L. Zampieri Exploiting asteroid occultation optical diffraction features with the SIFAP2 photometer. SIFAP2 3
A43TAC_16 V. Ripepi Spectroscopic follow-up of Gaia and OGLE newly discovered Classical Cepheids HARPS-N 21.3
A43TAC_18 A. Miraval Zanon Searching for optical pulses in an accreting millisecond X-ray pulsar in quiescence SIFAP2/DOLORES 9
A43TAC_19 F. Cusano Lunar Occultations for milliarcsecond angular resolution of stellar sources SIFAP2 1
A43TAC_22 G. Cescutti Measuring at Intermediate metallicity Neutron Capture Elements (MINCE) HARPS-N 16
A43TAC_24 M. Lazzarin Spectroscopic investigation of Dynamically New Comets as background for the ESA Comet Interceptor mission DOLORES/NICS 45
A43TAC_25 D. Perna Uncovering the small asteroid population in the framework of the H2020 NEOROCKS project DOLORES 27
A43TAC_26 A. Papitto Searching for the optical counterpart of a repeating Fast Radio Burst SIFAP2 9
A43TAC_27 P. D'Avanzo Hunting for kilonovae in the local Universe with TNG DOLORES/NICS 11
A43TAC_28 F. Ambrosino Unveiling optical pulsations from black widow millisecond pulsars SIFAP2 15
A43TAC_31 R. Silvotti Apparently single sdB stars have low-mass (substellar) companions? HARPS-N 6
A43TAC_32 A. Burtovoi Searching for optical pulsations from the millisecond pulsar PSR J2129-0429 SIFAP2 5
Nordic programmes:
A43TAC_5 M. Janson Characterization of a close-in planetary mass companion to a nearby brown dwarf GIANO-B 3
A43TAC_11 E. Knudstrup Planetary Migration Patterns HARPS-N 17
A43TAC_20 L. Izzo Are Classical Novae the progenitors of Supernovae Ia? DOLORES 7
A43TAC_29 A. Bello-Arufe Exploring ultra-hot Jupiters in multiple-star systems with GIARPS. Insights on atmospheres and formation GIARPS 5
Confirmed Large Programmes:
A37TAC_31 (GAPS)G. MicelaGAPS2: the origin of planetary systems diversityGIARPS306
A37TAC_13L. OrigliaStellar Population Astrophysics: the detailed, age-resolved chemistry of the Milky Way diskGIARPS36
Confirmed Long Term Programmes:
A41TAC_8A. PastorelloProbing the latest stages of the evolution of massive stars through observations of interacting transientsDOLORES/NICS20
A41TAC_18S. PiranomonteFollow-up of electromagnetic counterparts of gravitational wave sources at TNGDOLORES/NICS30
A41TAC_54R. SilvottiWanted dead and alive. The first MS+WD binary with a living and a dead planetary systemHARPS-N 1.5

Spanish CAT

Programme PI Title Instrument Allocation
CAT21A_14 L. Beitia Antero Characterization of nearby High Radial Velocity Stars HARPS-N 3.5
CAT21A_24 E. Pallé Bago Mass determination of single-transit warm Jupiters from TESS HARPS-N 6
CAT21A_25 A. Domínguez Spectroscopic observations of gamma-ray detected blazar candidates DOLORES 1.5
CAT21A_43 N. Casasayas Barris Unveiling the obliquity of the HAT-P-57 system HARPS-N 2
CAT21A_59 M. Oshagh Distinguishing brown dwarfs and giant planets via obliquity measurements from time-resolved transit spectroscopy HARPS-N 3
CAT21A_69 P. R. McWhirter Eclipsing Post-Common Envelope Binary in Common Proper Motion with an M-dwarf DOLORES 0.5
CAT21A_109 P. R. McWhirter Determination of the stellar parameters of an additional sample of Blue Large-Amplitude Pulsators DOLORES 0.5
CAT21A_111 M. Stangret Obliquity measurement and atmospheric characterization of ultra-hot Jupiters HAT-P-49b, KELT-18b and MASCARA-2b GIARPS 2
CAT21A_119 G. Nowak Follow-up of TESS small planet candidates: Precise masses as fundamental parameter for planet structure, distributions and in-depth atmospheric studies HARPS-N 10
CAT21A_S IAC service 2


Programme PI Title Instrument Allocation
ITP20_6J. Méndez AbreuBulgeless galaxies as a challenge for cold dark matter hierarchical formationDOLORES4
ITP20_7R. KotakExploring exotic and extreme transients with GOTODOLORES3