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TNG Allocations - Period AOT44/2021B

Below are listed the time allocations for semester AOT44/2021B (October 1, 2021 -- March 31, 2022). The schedule of the semester can be found here


Programme PI Title Instrument Allocation
A44TAC_4 M. Lazzarin Spectroscopic investigation of Dynamically New Comets as background for the ESA Comet Interceptor mission DOLORES/NICS 30
A44TAC_8 S. Antoniucci GHOsT project: a monitoring of mass accretion and mass loss variability in T Tauri stars GIARPS/NICS 18
A44TAC_11 C. Tortora CHARTER PILOT: CHARacterizing The Environment of Relic and ultra-compact massive galaxies DOLORES+MOS 11.25
A44TAC_15 M. Damasso Confirmation of a low-mass planet around GJ 1151 through radial velocity and radio-frequency follow-up HARPS-N 13.4
A44TAC_19 F. Cusano Lunar Occultations for milliarcsecond angular resolution of stellar sources SIFAP2 2
A44TAC_24 D. Perna Uncovering the small asteroid population in the framework of the H2020 NEOROCKS project DOLORES 27
A44TAC_27 V. Ripepi Spectroscopic follow-up of newly discovered Classical Cepheids HARPS-N 24.3
A44TAC_28 F. Guarneri Finding the brightest Cosmic Beacons in the Equatorial Stripe DOLORES 9
A44TAC_30 P. Casella Characterising the statistical and morphological properties of the mysterious population of fast optical bursts SIFAP2 16
A44TAC_31 A. Papitto Pinpointing the emission region of optical pulsations of a transitional millisecond pulsar SIFAP2 4
A44TAC_32 F. Coti Zelati Searching for optical pulsations from spider millisecond pulsars SIFAP2 7.5
A44TAC_35 S. Piranomonte Gamma-ray bursts as a testing bench from the local Universe to the reionisation era DOLORES/NICS 17.5
A44TAC_36 M. Bischetti An atlas of optical stellar mass distributions and morphologies in an unbiased sample of local AGN hosts DOLORES 12.5
A44TAC_37 L.M. Serrano HARPS-N observations of a bright star hosting a USP Earth-sized planet and a 3.6-d mini-Neptune HARPS-N 33
A44TAC_39 F. Manzini Comet C/2017 K2 (PANSTARRS): monitoring the developing activity of the farthest active comet ever seen DOLORES 4
Nordic programmes:
A44TAC_16 E. Knudstrup Planetary Migration Patterns HARPS-N 20
A44TAC_17 L. Izzo Are Classical Novae the progenitors of Supernovae Ia? DOLORES 7
A44TAC_20 M. Janson Spectral variability of the planetary mass object SIMP J0136 at high resolution GIANO-B 5
A44TAC_38 A. Bello-Arufe A first look at the exotic atmosphere of one of the hottest and most recent discoveries from TESS GIARPS 8
Confirmed Large Programmes:
A37TAC_31 (GAPS)G. MicelaGAPS2: the origin of planetary systems diversityGIARPS306
A37TAC_13L. OrigliaStellar Population Astrophysics: the detailed, age-resolved chemistry of the Milky Way diskGIARPS18
Long Term Programmes:
A44TAC_3 R. Silvotti The first MS+WD binary with a substellar companion and a planetesimal debris disc. HARPS-N 3
A44TAC_22 G. Valerin Exploring the diverse landscape of interacting transients DOLORES 20
A44TAC_33 P. D'Avanzo Hunting for kilonovae in the local Universe with TNG DOLORES/NICS 12

Spanish CAT

Programme PI Title Instrument Allocation
CAT21B_6 R. Barrena Deep optical characterization of SZ massive clusters at medium-high redshift: the NIKA2 sample DOLORES 3.5
CAT21B_22 A. Del Olmo García Spectroscopic observations of gamma-ray detected blazar candidates DOLORES 4.5
CAT21B_39 E. Pallé Bago Mass determination of single-transit warm Jupiters from TESS HARPS-N 6
CAT21B_61 J. Orell Miquel Young Atmospheres: measuring the primordial composition of newly formed planets GIARPS 2
CAT21B_85 M. Stangret Atmospheric characterization of ultra-hot Jupiter MASCARA-1b GIARPS 1
CAT21A_119 G. Nowak Follow-up of TESS small planet candidates: Precise masses as fundamental parameter for planet structure, distributions and in-depth atmospheric studies HARPS-N 10
CAT21B_S IAC service 4


Programme PI Title Instrument Allocation
OPT21B_13 C. Opitom  Investigating the gas and dust coma of 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko: a link to the Rosetta mission DOLORES/NICS/GIANO-B 3
OPT21B_16 S. Fornasier  Spectroscopic survey of inner Main Belt primordial asteroids: recording the original composition of planetesimals NICS 2
OPT21B_28 D. Homan  Follow-Up Spectroscopy of X-ray Selected Changing-Look AGN detected with eROSITA DOLORES 2
OPT21B_31 B. Biller  Multi-wavelength variability monitoring of a key directly imaged exoplanet analogue NICS 1
OPT21B_34 S. Taubenberger  Spectroscopic confirmation of lensed supernovae to constrain the Hubble constant and supernova progenitors DOLORES 1.7
OPT21B_50 A.  Franckowiak  Spectroscopic follow-up of candidate counterparts to IceCube high-energy neutrinos DOLORES 0.25


Programme PI Title Instrument Allocation
ITP21_8 M. Pinamonti Deep search for jumping super Earths around nearby K dwarfs HARPS-N 5