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TNG Allocations - Perios AOT46/2022B

Below are listed the time allocations for semester AOT46/2022B (October 1, 2022 - March 31, 2023). The schedule of the semester can be found here


Programme PI Title Instrument Allocation
A46TAC_2 L. Cabona Revealing the large exosphere of the highly inflated hot-Jupiter KELT-18 b DOLORES 14
A46TAC_7 V. Lorenzi Assessing the ice content of comets from the Oort cloud, where TNG meets the James Webb Space Telescope NICS 6
A46TAC_15 V. Ripepi Spectroscopic follow-up of newly discovered Classical Cepheids HARPS-N 27.75
A46TAC_17 F. Guarneri QUBRICS' hunt for bright, high-redshift QSOs: ending stage one DOLORES 36
A46TAC_19 S. Ieva Spectral changes in the Didymos system induced by the DART/LICIACube encounter NICS 15
A46TAC_21 L. Izzo Classical Novae at high-resolution with the TNG DOLORES/HARPS-N 7
A46TAC_22 M. Rainer A high-resolution near-infrared differential view of Mars' atmosphere GIANO 6
A46TAC_23 F. Mannucci Spectroscopy of dual- and lensed- AGNs candidates identified with Gaia DOLORES 22
A46TAC_24 F. La Franca The TNG view of luminous quasars at the Epoch of Reionization NICS 12.5
A46TAC_27 M. Rainer Building a catalogue of precisely and homogeneously characterised Ariel exoplanet host-stars HARPS-N 8
A46TAC_31 A. Bragaglia Metal mixing in the Radcliffe Wave traced by young open clusters GIARPS 31.3
A46TAC_32 G. Mantovan Unveiling the nature of a TESS giant exoplanet amenable for atmospheric characterization with JWST HARPS-N 10
A46TAC_34 S. Piranomonte Gamma-ray bursts as a testing bench from the local Universe to the reionisation era DOLORES+NICS 17.5
A46TAC_36 G. Illiano Searching for optical pulsations from millisecond pulsar candidates SIFAP2 14
A46TAC_38 A. Papitto Searching for the optical counterpart of a repeating Fast Radio Burst SIFAP2 13
A46TAC_39 P. Casella A fast optical look at the accreting neutron star in the ultra-compact binary 4U0614+09 SIFAP2 12
A46TAC_40 M. Imbrogno Taking the (optical) pulse of three new X-ray pulsators at the extremes of the accretion rate SIFAP2 8.5
A46TAC_44 V. Petropoulou Stellar occultations by two highest interest NEAs: (65803) Didymos and (4015) Wilson-Harrington SIFAP2 1
A46TAC_45 T. Giannini Accretion dynamics of EXor eruptive variables GIARPS/DOLORES/NICS 14.5
Ongoing Large Programmes:
A37TAC_31 (GAPS) G. Micela GAPS2: the origin of planetary systems diversity GIARPS 306
Ongoing Long Term Programmes:
A44TAC_3 R. Silvotti The first MS+WD binary with a substellar companion and a planetesimal debris disc. HARPS-N 3
A44TAC_22 G. Valerin Exploring the diverse landscape of interacting transients DOLORES 20
A44TAC_33 P. D'Avanzo Hunting for kilonovae in the local Universe with TNG DOLORES/NICS 28

Spanish CAT

Programme PI Title Instrument Allocation
CAT22B_43 J. Orell Young atmospheres: measuring the primordial composition of newly formed planets GIARPS 4
CAT22B_55 H. M. Lucio Medeiros Compositional characterization of low-inclination V-type candidate asteroids to explain the presence of basaltic material on the surface of Bennu NICS 0.5
CAT22B_57 E. Palle Probing the atmosphere condition at dusk of an ultra-hot Jupiter GIARPS 2
CAT22B_63 A. Dominguez Spectroscopic observations of gamma-ray detected blazar candidates DOLORES 5
CAT22B_90 E. Esparza Borges Unveiling the atmospheres of exoplanets orbiting fast and moderate-rotating bright stars GIARPS 2.5
CAT22B_113 A. Castro Gonzalez Confirmation of a planet candidate inside the habitable zone amenable for atmospheric characterization HARPS-N 3
CAT22A_111 G. Nowak The K2 & TESS Synergy: Precise masses as fundamental parameter for planet structure, distributions and in-depth atmospheric studies HARPS-N 10
CAT22B_S IAC service 4


Programme PI Title Instrument Allocation
OPT22B_4 A. Franckowiak Spectroscopic follow-up of candidate counterparts to IceCube high-energy neutrinos DOLORES 0.3
OPT22B_15 A. Santerne Transit timing of the long-period giant planet HIP41378 f HARPS-N 1
OPT22B_16 S. Taubenberger Spectroscopic confirmation of lensed supernovae to constrain the Hubble constant and supernova progenitors DOLORES 1.7
OPT22B_37 A. Standke Spectroscopic identification of a new, deep X-ray selected sample of cataclysmic binaries from the eROSITA All Sky Survey DOLORES 0.4
OPT22B_47 E. Kyritsis Understanding the nature of the most extreme X-ray luminous galaxies DOLORES 2
OPT22B_49 D. Homan Copy of Tracking Changing-Look AGN with optical spectroscopy during their transition DOLORES 2


Programme PI Title Instrument Allocation
ITP21_8 M. Pinamonti Deep search for jumping super Earths around nearby K dwarfs HARPS-N 5
ITP22_2 R. Luque Completing CHEOPS characterization of long-period low-mass planets HARPS-N 3