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Seminars at FGG

Stellar clusters formation and early evolution: where do we stand?

Speaker: Emanuele Dalessandro (OAS Bologna - Italy)

Date and time: 2019-11-05 11:30

Stellar clusters are key benchmarks in many fields of Astrophysics, ranging from stellar evolution and dynamics to galaxy formation and mass assembly history. However, their use as standard templates relies on our understanding of when, how, and why star clusters form. In this context, I will review some of the latest observational advances in the field based on large and homogeneous photometric and spectroscopic surveys. I will focus in particular on two aspects. First, I will discuss how the structural and kinematic properties of globular cluster sub-populations can provide new insights on the early evolution of these fascinating systems. Secondly, I will show first results of an ongoing and extensive study targeting Galactic young massive clusters and associations as part of the TNG SPA Large Program.

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