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Seminars at FGG

Looking for Star-Planet Interaction at TNG

Speaker: Gaetano Scandariato (Oss, di Palermo)

Date and time: 2013-01-29 11:00

The possibility of magnetic Star-Panet Magnetic Interactions (SPMI) was initially explored by Cuntz et al. (2000). This and subsequent works have indicated that reconnection events could be an important effect in "hot Jupiter" systems, acting to produce enhancements in chromospheric and coronal activity co- rotating with the planet rather than with the stellar rotation. The star-planet interaction was then successfully discovered in several planetary systems, while some others show indications as not yet confirmed. However, we still lack signatures of such interactions in systems which are highly expected to show magnetic interaction. I will briefly review this topic from the observational point of view, discussing the techniques to extract and analyze the SPMI signal. I will also discuss the case of the HD179949 planetary system, for which controversial claims have been raised so far. To improve our knowledge on this system and extend the baseline of the observations conducted so far, this system has been observed for almost three planetary orbits with SARG@TNG and other instruments in 2009. I will present our analysis of this system, in press for A&A, which recommends further spectro-photometric investigation to confirm or reject the SPMI scenario. Finally, I will discuss the role of TNG in future developments of this research area.