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Seminars at FGG

Young Gould Belt populations in the Orion vicinity

Speaker: Katia Biazzo (Oss. di Catania)

Date and time: 2013-07-08 12:30

" The recent star formation history in the solar vicinity and the real nature of the Gould Belt are still not well constrained. In this context, I will present a study of the large-scale spatial distribution of ~6500 ROSAT X-ray sources in about 5000 deg^2 field in the general direction of Orion and I will analyze the astrophysical properties of their optical counterparts across the Gould Belt. A spectroscopic follow-up and comparison with galactic model predictions reveal that the X-ray selected stellar population is characterized by three distinct components, whose analysis is important to investigate the star formation scenario, to trace the chemical composition of the solar neighbourhood and Galactic thin disk in recent times, and to investigate the metallicity-planet connection in the early stages of planet formation. I will also illustrate the picture emerging from this study giving a hint of what we can obtain in the near future thanks to new-generation high-resolution spectrographs, like HARPS-N. "