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Seminars at FGG

Cloudshine: observing the interstellar clouds in NIR scattered light

Speaker: Veli-Matti Pelkonen (University of Helsinki)

Date and time: 2013-09-16 12:00

Cloudshine is the near-infrared surface brightness caused by the interstellar radiation field scattered by dust grains in interstellar clouds. The intensity of cloudshine is proportional to the intensity of the interstellar radiation field, the dust scattering cross-section and the column density of the cloud. Thus, the observed cloudshine can be used to study these parameters. I will present our results of studying cloudshine in a Corona Australis filament, which was a test case of doing high-resolution mapping of the filament via cloudshine. With NOT, we will observe three clouds that have been observed as part of our Spitzer programme, 'Hunting for Coreshine', and our Herschel Open Time Key Programme, 'Galactic Cold Cores'. I will talk about how the synergy of these three different wavelength regions will help us in modelling the clouds and the evolution of grain properties within them.