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Seminars at FGG

An overview of GAPS dM program'

Speaker: Laura Affer (INAF - Oss. Astronomico di Palermo)

Date and time: 2013-11-05 10:30

We are monitoring a large sample of dM stars in order to determine the planetary frequency around low mass stars. The program is devoted to the search of Earth-like planets, to the study of statistical properties of low mass stars and of their activity. The M stars program is the result of a coordination between GAPS and Spanish observing time. We selected the "easiest" targets: a bridge to other projects (e.g. APACHE, EChO, SPHERE, ...). The complete catalog consists of 106 stars dM0-dM4 from PMSU and APACHE catalogs, selected for not very high activity levels, V<12 and large number of GAIA scans, in order to have a very good characterization of the systems."