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Seminars at FGG

Progresses in BOCCE and connections with the Gaia-ESO Survey

Speaker: Paolo Donati (INAF - OSS. Astronomico di Bologna)

Date and time: 2014-01-22 11:30

Open Clusters are very good tracers of the Galactic disc properties. They span different ages, metallicities, and distances hence they can be used to study the properties of the Galactic Disc and their evolution with time. In this talk I describe the Bologna Open Cluster Chemical Evolution project (BOCCE), which aims at studying the Galactic Disc by using a sample of OCs analysed in a self-consistent and homogeneous way. Accurate photometry and high-resolution spectroscopy are fundamental to determine the cluster parameters (namely age, distance, reddening, and metallicity). Recent photometric observations allowed to significantly improve the BOCCE database. On the spectroscopic side, the legacy of the ongoing Gaia ESO Survey, targeting both Milky way field stars and stars in 100 OCs, will greatly enhance our knowledge on the OCs properties. I will also briefly point out the advantages that BOCCE can benefit from the GES and viceversa.