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Seminars at FGG

Asteroseismology of OB stars as seen by hundreds of single snapshot spectra (and a few time-series of selected targets)

Speaker: Sergio Simon Diaz (IAC)

Date and time: 2015-01-19 11:30

Motivated by the characterization of the macroturbulent broadening in the whole OB star domain, and the investigation of its postulated pulsational origin, we have compiled during the last 5 years a unique high-resolution spectroscopic dataset comprising more than 3500 spectra of about 500 Galactic O4-B9 stars (including dwarfs, giants and supergiants). Completely fulfilling its original aims, the database has also become a pot-of-gold to perform the asteroseismology study of a small sample of selected targets. In this talk I will highlight the more important results obtained up-to-date from the exploita- tion of this unique spectroscopic dataset, making special emphasis in our steps towards (1) the correct disentangling of therotational and macroturbulent contributions from the global line-broadening, (2) the observational confirmation/refutation of the postulated pulsational origin of the macroturbulent broadening, and (3) the investigation of the possible use of the macroturbulent broadening as a single snap-shot alternative to detect and investigate pulsations in the realm of massive stars.