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Seminars at FGG

Understanding early star formation: Probing kinematic and chemical properties in the Very Low Luminosity Object DC-2742-04-IRS

Speaker: Louise Nielsen (Nordic Optical Telescope )

Date and time: 2015-03-13 14:00

The circumstances under which star formation takes place is one of the fundamental questions in astronomy. Probing the inside of stellar nurseries is a difficult task due to the inherent faint and obscured nature of these environments. Very Low Luminosity Objects (VeLLOs) are believed to be the manifestation of the first stage of star formation where a dense core in a molecular cloud starts to collapse. VeLLOs are defines as embedded objects with an internal luminosity, L_int, less than 10% of L_sun. The embedded object DC-2742-04-IRS is believed to have L_int=0.001 L_sun, which makes it the faintest VeLLO discovered to date. I have undertaken an extensive investigation using IR and sub-mm data from HST, Spitzer, Herschel and APEX to probe temperature, density and kinematic structure in DC-2742-04-IRS. The results will be presented in a 30 min talk along with a discussion on the significance for the greater scheme of star formation.