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Seminars at FGG

GAPS2: the origin of planetary systems diversity

Speaker: Luca Malavolta (Universitá degli Studi di Padova)

Date and time: 2018-04-20 12:30

After the successful Global Architecture of Planetary Systems (GAPS) project, the Italian exoplanets community has gathered together again to exploit the unique capabilities GIARPS@TNG, with a particular focus on the training of young researchers. In GAPS2 we shift our focus from the detection and characterization of planets to the study of the origin of planetary systems. We will investigate migration mechanisms by looking for planets around young (< 0.1 Gyr) and intermediate-age (< 0.7 Gyr) stars, thanks to the improved characterization of stellar activity and planetary signals provided by simultaneous GIANO (NIR) and HARPS-N (VIS) observations in GIARPS mode. We will trace the original formation site and path to migration of planets by looking for sodium (VIS), water, titanium monoxide and other molecules (NIR) in the atmospheres of the largest sample of hot transiting planets to-date. In this talk I will describe the ambitious goals of GAPS2 and how we plan to achieve them.