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Seminars at FGG

I part: Calibration and data reduction of LRS data of the old open cluster NGC7142 II part: the TNG skycam

Speaker: Mikolaj Kaluszynski (University of Wrocław (Poland) )

Date and time: 2018-08-30 12:30

I part: Photometric results for 2934 stars in the area of the open cluster NGC 7142 (age = 1.9x109- WEBDA) and for 2235 stars in the area of his comparison field are presented. NGC 7142 is one of the old clusters which is used in plotting various relations between structural, chemical and evolutionary parameters of the cluster systems. Data taken with LRS@TNG have been processed by the workflow which uses daophot standalone for photometry derivation. Resulting CMDs characterized by a MS extending down to V = 22. The new photometric data will be used to give new estimates for reddening, metallicity, distance modulus and age of the cluster, by using the synthetic CMD method. II part: TheTNG skycam. After SD card failure, original source code of 2PiSky software has been recovered. In the successful attempt to make the camera work again, recovered software have been extended, recompiled and installed. The configuration of the RaspberryPi board and it’s extensions, have been set up from scratch and new WEB interface has been developed. Output of Camera’s cloud coverage calculation feature, have been (re)integrated with the LaNotte system.